New Year…?

As most blog owners often do when they change blog addresses, I will feebly attempt to explain my motive behind this sudden…migration. Perhaps it seems most timely to switch blogging platforms with the ushering in of the new year and tumblr’s repeated attempts at refusing my requests to edit my page theme, but truthfully, the main reason behind this exodus is because I am getting most annoyed when reading through my previously frivolous and air-headed posts. This is not to say that the updates over on this blog will be filled with intellectual discussions on global warming and political strife (Who am I trying to kid? -.-), but I will at least attempt to put in an effort to write something. 

20120125_122714 (1)
On a lighter note, the Lunar New Year celebrations have just begun to die down as we enter the 7th day of CNY and we (the Chinese at least) have excitedly and hopefully ushered in the year of the dragon. I say hopefully because being the year of the sacred creature, the dragon, many fengshui masters have predicted a prosperous year ahead and most have thus placed high hopes on the coming year being better than the one that has past. Of course, for my brother who has already turned of child-bearing age (and being happily married for 2 years), the dragon year has also become a most opportune of excuse for parents, grandparents and extended relatives to beget chubby dragon babies.

The Chinese’ obsession with red has stuck with us since the days of our ancestors, although it often baffles me how a colour can change the fate of a man at the gambling table. My obsession with my face however, will perhaps last even longer as narcissism is an addiction that is strangely difficult to quit. Therefore, despite the new year aspiration to write more and to appear less bimbotic, the unabashed photos will probably keep appearing. 🙂

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