The Big V


I just spent the entire day catching up with Season 5 of Gossip Girl and as usual, it has left me extremely frustrated and bothered. Why the scriptwriters cannot stop screwing with Chuck and Blair’s relationship confounds me. After 5 seasons of the so called “I love you but I cannot be with you” drama, everyone is just tearing their hair out and screaming “just let them together already”. Well, at least I am.

Also, as if by divine intervention, I have been jogging rather frequently this week. And by frequently I mean thrice. Which can also be considered a new world record taking into account the fact that I hardly deviate from the TV and couch. However, I am not going to be pretentious and declare myself an exercise junkie because I truthfully do not enjoy the process of exercising. Not even a single bit. Unlike those who evangelize the physical and mental benefits running brings, I honestly do not feel happier nor healthier after running. Unless you count the fact that my limbs are aching painfully and that pain equates health. I am still awaiting the magical moment where I finally, with the help of some higher power, feel the inexplicable joys of exercising and the rush of adrenaline that can keep one feeling thrilled throughout the day. But until then, I shall rely on my playlist of Boyce Avenue covers to get me through the arduous journey of exercising.

Besides, the woes of a single teenager extend beyond that of trying to keep healthy and fit. As the big Vday draws near, the single lady has to find a way to keep herself occupied while those who have foolishly surrendered their freedom take their place and make out all night in dimly lit corners of restaurants. Needless to say, I have ordered myself a wonderful bouquet of peonies as a form of reward for having to survive my second Valentine without a proper date. And as much as it pains me to admit it, congratulations to the lucky girls and guys who have found themselves someone to love and share such a special day with. You make me sick with jealousy. That’s not to say that singlehood is detestable and shameful, but everyone wants to have someone to clink champagne glasses with while laughing as though hopelessly and foolishly in love right?

But to all those who remain soberly single this Valentine’s, know that you’re not alone. Walk into the nearest florist and get yourself a nice bouquet of roses. You deserve it. Who gives a hoot about Valentine’s anyway, as much as it sounds like sour grapes, the big V is seriously overrated.

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