Too Much Too Little

I just spent 3 hours debating whether or not to buy this gorgeous dress I saw online. Ok, maybe it isn’t gorgeous, but it does look pretty, and I haven’t purchased a new dress in like forever. The old me would have bought it without a single ounce of hesitation, considering the fact that is costs less than $30SGD, which in my opinion is fairly reasonable a price. Yet now I cannot bring myself to buy the dress! My expenditure has been outrageous recently, despite the generous ang paos handed to me over the new year. My bank account is bordering empty and I haven’t even been shopping much! I put the blame on the temptations of private transportation, and my unhealthy addiction to travelling in cabs. Yes, from today onwards I will try my best to stay away from those money suckers and hopefully I will stop bleeding from my pockets.

I have also realised that my loath for sunlight (or UV rays) have become baneful. I think many of my friends would triumphantly shout “I told you so!” since the lengths I go to evading Mr Sunshine have provided an interesting source of entertainment for them. Besides the daily application of SPF 130 sunblock and the propping of a brolly when exposed to the great unshaded territories, I now also feel the urge to stay indoors all the time when the sun is out. That is also why I jog at night – because there is no sun! My mother has also begun to notice my conscientious effort in trying to hide from the sun. I think I need to find the vampire coven, I’m sure I am part vampire…well at least the part where they go up in a puff of smoke in the sun, thus explaining my antagonistic attitude towards light.

Totally random, but there’s a mosquito bite on my neck. And a sudden thought that pretentious girls are all kinds of nauseating. I wonder why the boys are completely unaware and unable to detect the pungent smell of grandiloquence. Perhaps they lack a certain radar which has been cleverly overwritten by their inexplicable attraction to batting eyelashes and high pitched voices.

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