You Are What You Are

The search for a job has proved to be a long and winding journey, with more than 5 applications submitted yet no response yet. ūüė¶ Its almost as if someone has been feeding my potential employers with information of my secret life – bitchy, obnoxious and spoilt. Blah, with the bank account almost empty and no sign of a job in the near future, it seems like I am going to have to live on bread and water for the time being. The woes of being a grown up.

My thighs are also burning from the days of continuous jogging, which also proves how unfit I used to be. I still have yet to discover the joys of exercising, so I am relying on the cool night breeze and upbeat songs to keep me from giving up. There is also a sudden realization towards my lack of friends, thanks to Facebook, where pictures of my school mates attending countless social events involving people not from Dunman have been appearing faster than ants at a candy bar. Where do they even find such people?! School life has been so hectic, especially in the last two years that it would have been impossible to have had such a flamboyantly spectacular social life. Unless you are a church goer that is. I have almost no friends besides those from school, unless you count the useless AM whose like a million miles away from here. I need to get out of my house and into the great urban jungle, maybe then will I meet some new people, especially when Tekong has been repeatedly swallowing my lepak buddies. I am not happy.

In 2012, I also wish that there will be one day whereby I am comfortable with the way I look. Despite having repeatedly advocating love for oneself, I still have difficulty feeling like a boss in my own skin.

Not happy. ūüė¶

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