Maybe This Time I’ll Stay

“Is it impossible for me to win this fight?

Keep you a little longer in my life.”

Its been quite a long time since I’ve done a cover. Since the occasion calls for it, and I happened to chance upon a really apt song, I thought I’d christen the blog with a virgin video upload of Kina Grannis’ Stay Just A Little. So much has happened during this short period of time, that sometimes, you feel like you’re being forced under water, unable to breathe.

There’s a chronic ache in my lower back, and the pessimist in me thinks kidney failure. Doesn’t help that a close friend of mine who happens to excel in the field of biology finds it amusing to keep me updated with several illnesses that show such a symptom. Also, it seems as though the wait for a job has finally paid off, because a potential employer called this evening and beckoned me down to her quaint little cafe right opposite my house for an interview tomorrow morning at an ungodly timing of 930am. As usual, my mother has repeatedly urged me to stay at home and not to take up the job, yet at the same time not providing me with a source of income and expecting me to remain at home like a child that entertains herself with her own fingers. The princess in me has been forced out of her castle and into the streets to make a living. Growing up sucks.

I am honestly rather nervous about the job interview tomorrow, because the pleasant sounding female on the other line happened to let leak that she wants to “observe the way you work”, of which “you” refers to me and “work” seems rather ambiguous considering the fact that I have yet to know how much I am paid, the working hours and my job scope. Put me in an office and I can confidently say I rock at attending to complaints and queries as well as transcribing certain lectures, but waitressing? I can’t say the same. I envision myself balancing 7 cups on a tray on one hand and then immediately witnessing them crash to the floor, taking with them my pay for the day. Also considering the fact that I am usually the one filing for complaints and criticising the abhorrent behaviour of the service crew, I’m pretty sure karma will come biting me in the back and give me customers from hell.

If you’re reading this, wish me good luck tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I’ll discover my sudden flair for balancing trays of food and memorizing table orders and soon take over the Food&Beverage industry by storm. I mean afterall, the Chows 不是省油的灯.

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