Perfect Fit

“And when the sun rose, she vanished, much like how dry ice sublimates into a thin fog upon contact to the air.”

Comfort is when you lounge around the house in your sloppiest shirt and your most rugged jeans, comfort is when you eat from the ice cream tub directly, comfort is when your hair is post bleached and you’re lying on the couch next to someone watching the telly. Comfort happens to find its definition in you with me.

I always thought it was a joke, a myth, or something your parents told you so you’d actively go out and seek for a potential candidate to marry, that when the story went “we were born whole, but made to split, so we spent the rest of our lives seeking the half we lost”, you were supposed to roll your eyes so far back into your head, they would potentially get stuck. But when it happened to me, when I saw the shadows of the other half I didn’t even know I was seeking, it was like Twiddledum found Twiddledee, except they left out the part of the story where you didn’t only find them in lovers. I found mine in someone I till today don’t know whether to call my sibling, my best friend or my doppelgänger. But one thing for sure, you find halves in soul mates.

Yet when everything falls into place too easily, you know something will eventually fall apart. What if like a puzzle piece, you could be a perfect fit for two people? Could you ever be soul mates to two people at once? Then why do they call them the missing half? Half and half make one whole. Three halves just make an abomination. Three halves just mean one has to be removed so two can make a whole again.

We clasp our palms in prayer in hopes that we would find the halves we lost, and when we find them, we arch our knees in thanks. But what we should really be doing is pleading every day that they would never ever be taken away from us again. Cos when they do, you’ll never feel more broken.

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