What’s With Wanderlust?


I ask this question as Facebook statuses peppered with this poisonous word keep assaulting my vision. What is Wanderlust anyway? Is it the last time I bawled my eyes out while being moderately high because I thought I had never once visited Disneyland in the past 20 years of my pathetic life? (In reality, I’ve been to Disneyland. In Japan nonetheless. I’m ashamed.) Or is it that time we went on a weekend trip to Da Lian (大连)and I almost hyperventilated from happiness while standing outside a nautical themed amusement park?

People keep using the word as though they feel Dora the Explorer clawing at their ribcages and begging to be released into that unexplored rainforest on the top of a mysterious foggy island. What do you feel when you’re, quote, “suffering from a case of insatiable wanderlust”? Is it just a term to substitute “I’m bored of my sunny island state”? Or is it just used because travelling is the in thing now and everything else, like video games and rotting on the couch with the most qualified companion — a bag of original Lays potato chips, is just way too uncool for you? I just don’t get it.

I’m saying this while having spent the third day locked up in my apartment, approximately 2363 mi away from home. Am I bored? Definitely. 2 broke girls is looping on my television just to provide me with the right amount of background noise, while I’m refreshing blogs incessantly, wondering why bloggers don’t provide 3 hour updates. But do I feel like going anywhere? Uh no. Now that I’m actually wandering away from home, there’s no wanderlust.

Sure, I’ve been to nearby cities over the weekends. And sure I enjoyed them a lot, but there’s seldom a strong enough feeling of wanting to grab my bags and going anywhere just because I’m down with a severe case of wanderlust. If you’re really plagued by an unfortunate case of god I need to get out of here so badly, then why aren’t you dropping all your responsibilities and hopping on the next bus ride out of here? You can keep saying it, but until you finally do something about it, I’m calling bluff.

You’re not suffering from anything, except maybe an incurable case of the chichi. Wanting to go anywhere for a change, with anywhere being Korea, Japan, Maldives or any other fashionable travel location doesn’t give you a case of wanderlust. It gives you a case of ass.

7 thoughts on “What’s With Wanderlust?

      1. I showed it to my friend who really liked it and shared it on her fb – her friends thought you write really well too 🙂

  1. Hey Chow! Hahaha! Beautiful blog you got here, and i like your posts too. Let’s just say I was staggered to find someone agrees with me some words are really overused too, i.e wanderlust. And home beats anywhere in the world, anytime. 🙂

    1. Hey Xingqi! So nice to hear from you. 🙂 You’re damn right about that, home is better than anywhere else. Always. Hope to see you around!

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