I Will Be Okay

I feel like I have the cure for everything. Headache? Aspirin. Allergies? Antihistamines. Throat infection? Lysosome. Gastric? Antacids. Insomnia? Melatonin. I haven’t see a doctor for a pretty long time because the internet coupled with a handful of off the counter meds have become my panacea for all illnesses, no matter how big or small.

Self medicating has thought me that unless you’re terrifyingly sick, bleeding from several different orifices and gasping for breath, you probably don’t need the medical attention the world has conditioned you to believe you desperately require. As much as the last time I tried to cure myself of a fatigue induced cold I ended up in the hospital with a plastic tube inserted into my vein, I still vehemently stand by the practice of self medication.

The problem with this though, is that not everything can be cured. And sometimes, the pills you pick don’t always work as promised. What do you do when you’re down with a severe case of disappointment and the prescription you pick happens to be an unhealthy dose of alcohol? What if you’re heartbroken and your choice of poison happens to be a wild night out surrounded by people you barely know?

Sadly, life isn’t a series of illnesses you can just Google up a cure for. A hot chocolate can’t cure a broken leg, neither can it mend a broken heart. As much as I would love to type in a few words and instantly have the doctors of the world tell me what exactly I have to purchase to make my Monday blues better, I cannot.

Some things just don’t have a solution, they simply have to resolve themself. Your heartbreak has to run it’s course, your disappointment has to be left alone until it slowly begins to dissipate. Ignoring your pain isn’t as cowardly as you think it is. Reacting to it only makes it worse. One day, you will wake up to realize that the throbbing you felt yesterday is less than what it was. One day, you will wake up without it looming overhead.

That’s the beauty of pain, it is only cured by time. And while it may take a little longer than expected, it does bring along promises that some day, everything will be ok again.

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