So I tried posting something on Dayre and I realised I didn’t know how to. Daniel then proceeded to say “you’re getting old”

Β “I’m not getting old. To prove that, I’m going to start Dayre-ing.”


Wanted to make pizza for dinner today, but D’s helper has gone home for a holiday and I’m daunted by the amount of cleaning up I’ll have to do. Hahaha. I shall consider…

c901d735-4755-443b-9953-1d7e5bc6e5eb-piggy_desperateMeeting Ray and Lydia for lunch at Bangkok Jam but I’m so lazy to put on make up. Is this how it goes downhill???


Ok so I finally put on some cc cream so I don’t look like a zombie. Waiting for smelly Daniel to finish bathing so we can go out. HE ALWAYS PROMISES TO LEAVE ON TIME BUT ENDS UP MAKING US LATE.


Dear lord we made it. And there was a weird smell in the car throughout the whole drive. D says something died in it NOH


The food wasn’t as good as the last time but we finished it anyway. #gluttons


Time to look for dessert


We had mcflurry in the end cos atas ice cream is so ex nowadays. $6 for an ice cream? No no.

Funny how the smell in the car disappeared when we got on after lunch. Daniel says it might be because there were sewage works going on where we originally parked and some smelly water got into our car or something. Oh well. Glad all is smelling great again. πŸ™†


“Bangkok jam gave me severe diarrhea once. It was so bad I shat my bed Β @chenshiqi

Thanks ah babe. Now I will always have second thoughts going to eat at BKK JAM hahaha. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Β “My home button just died. 😭 super super sad right now.”Β 


Attending my helper’s farewell dinner. Then going home to do work. It’s almost my last day at work and I can’t wait to be free from responsibilities! I’ve been working there for almost a year though so I guess it will make me kind of sad. Wonder where life will take me from here on. Also wondering how I’m going to survive with so much less money. 😨😨😨


Dinner. I have to remind myself to take photos before I eat.


Just made pizza dough so I can have some home made lunch tomorrow. Hopefully it turns out well…I remember the other time we made it, Daniel used expired yeast so despite waiting patiently for it to rise, it tasted weird. πŸ˜‚


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