Feeling a little weary tonight because sometimes having to plan stuff can be so difficult. So many people to accommodate and so many different things to think of.


Supposedly my last pay in 1 month haha. Had leftover putien beehoon for breakfast and now I’m waiting for my pizza dough to defrost so I can have so pizza. Oh gawd so fatty.

 “Should I go to BKK? Or Perth? “

It’s actually my grad trip, since technically I’m graduating but…need to save money leh. 😭 the SQ promotion ends on Thursday so I have to hurry decide. HALP 😱


Pizza with no liao 😥


The dough is too salty. 😭 but other than that everything is good!!


YAS I finally managed to take the lenses out from my old glasses and have them fitted in this new frame. HAPPY.


Also, I was wayyyy better looking on holiday in Taiwan. Even though I was wearing cheekopeh glasses.


I completed my first grab hitch!!! Earned my parking + food money for the day. Now waiting for Daniel to buy me my favourite noodles.


Can u spot him in the white hoodie ahhaa. Excited.



 “Looking forward to my second grab hitch later. Give me all the monies. 🤑 “


Done with my second grab hitch! Earned nearly $30 today wts so lucrative. Having subway with my future husband in 3 months. Cannot even imagine.

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