Just drove in a heavy downpour. It was so bad that the car in front of me drove super slowly (40km/hr) on the right most land on the high way. He almost came to a complete stop cos there were pools of water at the side of the road that were making our cars wobble. Scarrrryy.

My unhealthy lunch today. Fish burger 🐟 🐟

We're planning for Daniel's grad trip in December but I still don't know where we should go. Wanted to go back to Perth, but it's Summer now and I dislike the flies. Wanted to go to Beijing but it's really cold (subzero) and I'm afraid it will be too stressful squeezing with locals. Japan? But I don't really like being in a country where I can't read the road signs hahaha. SO MANY REQUIREMENTS! We can always go back to BKK but…I think Daniel wants to try something new.

Nomming on some corn while waiting for Daniel to end school. 🌽🌽🌽

Cookie 🍪

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