Our house smells like roasted pork right now.

I think it's due to this new toy I bought today…🙈

I've been wanting a pressure cooker for as long as I remember because I hate waiting for food to cook.

I always end up with subpar stew because I'm too impatient to wait for it to soften 😛

Woop I ended up making pulled pork at 9pm at night because I wanted to try out my new toy.

Also, I wanted to try it while Daniel was around….just in case it exploded. HAH.

I kept having this nagging suspicion that the pot would blow up. #paranoid

But to be honest, 45 mins in the pressure cooker and the pork was already fork tender sia omg. If I did this the traditional way, I would need to wait till tmr morning.

We took the pork out and left the sauce and some tougher sections in the pot under the bake mode for 10 mins.

When we opened the pot, the sauce was all dry and black. GG HAHA.

But we added some water and mixed everything up and it was ok leh surprisingly!

Very happy with how it turned out and we were done by 1015. Plus only 1 pot to wash. So simple. #dayrefatties

For once, I'm posting about something not bought from Taobao.

But cannot la! This kind of high risk electrical equipment, best to buy from a legit brand with all the safety considerations built it. I'm damn horrified by all the pressure cooking explosion stories.

I initially wanted to get an instant pot since there's been so much raving about it online, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it from a local distributor for $299.

I originally wanted to order it from amazon at $149sgd and then ship it over with ezbuy but god knows how much the shipping + agent fee would be like.

So in the end I searched for an alternative and found this computerised Philips multi cooker! And in case you guys think I was willing to part with $279 (which is the recommended retail price), I actually bought mine from Carousell.

Which means this is a preloved item.

But! To be fair, it was in really good condition. It even looked unused. The non stick inner pot was free of scratches and there were no weird smells.

I think some people are very resistant to buying second hand stuff but I'm actually pretty alright about it. As long as it's not shoes la. Cos some leather shoes and heels can't rly wash and god knows if that person has some foot fungus. #omg

Anyway! You help reduce wastage leh.

Everyone should support buying second hand stuff. I'm not talking about like those garang guni garage sale la. But a lot of the sellers charge a higher price because they have next to new items they need to get rid of due to various reasons.

Expats leaving singapore, used once but don't rly know how to use properly, don't really like the product.

ANYWAY! if anyone is curious, I bought mine for $100

It's not the cheapest out there, cos I went to see a brand new obscure brand pressure cooker that only cost $80. But I think it's worth the money la.

This Philips model is seriously quite good. They have a bake function that allows you to cook without water. So your chicken is pressure cooked yet it is charred on the outside. What is this sorcery right! Even I don't know.

The instant pot can't even do that.

So if anyone wants to get a pressure cooker, you can try this one la. No guarantees plus I don't make any money if you buy it. So you buy or don't buy…I also won't know 😅

Using a pressure cooker for the first time

Is freaking scary ok! It is way louder than a rice cooker and kept making funny sounds.

I had to keep checking on it to make sure it didn't explode. Plus when it came to releasing the pressure via the vent, I got daniel to do it HAHAH.

But it is seriously useful and I'm already looking forward to what I can cook tomorrow. I want to try ramen broth over the weekend! But so much collagen and cholesterol ☠ī¸â˜ ī¸â˜ ī¸

In other news, my INSANE shipment of almost 400kg of stuff arrived yesterday! It was about 5 cubic metres worth of stuff and it was insane.

Of those included my huge sofa which I am super mad at the seller because they didn't pack it properly.

Wtf they basically threw it into a potato sack and called it a day 😡

I haven't opened the sofa yet cos the house is damn dusty but a peek and I can see that the underside already has a hole. 😤

But ok la I also č°ĸ夊č°ĸ地 that everything else arrived in perfect condition including lights, my toilet bowl and ceiling fan.

No photos of the toilet bowl cos…I am a forgetful human and forgot. #taobao

I will take a better picture once it is installed!

I also rekindled my love for weetbix this week and made homemade breakfast bars with no oil and minimal sugar for us!

No more rushing to make oats and stir yoghurt! These are the best. They are soft and yummy and they are almost gone. Full of fibre and uh IDK. Good stuff.

I added Chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, weetbix, sunflower seeds, raisins, carrot juice and honey. So healthy it almost doesn't seem like smth Dan and I would eat.

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