This is the ugly thing that came out of the pressure cooker. Hahaha. Ok I made a mistake of buying thin strips of the siobak instead of buying a huge slab.

So when I steamed it in the pressure cooker, the meat shrank but the skin didn't. And the meat became a rainbow shape HAHAHA.

But if anyone wants to know, I slathered the pork belly with salt, pepper and five spice powder before steaming it for 20 mins.

So after the pork came out of the pressure cooker, I needed to figure a way to make it stand up (U won't have this problem if you use a whole slab of pork belly). So I cut the belly into thirds and used toothpicks to make them stand up πŸ˜‚


Then I put the entire toothpick held together slab into my toaster oven. I didn't bother to use my normal HUGE oven because we want to broil the skin what. High heat so toaster would do!

Cut into strips. My dad, who just came back from Shanghai, ate the entire plate from the first batch. And my mum helped. My mum hates fatty food but holy the fat melted in your mouth so it was so good.

Zooming in to show you how translucent the fat was. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

But guys, it's really damn fatty so don't eat so much la hor. I only ate one piece to try. πŸ˜‚

Daniel was studying so he only got to taste one piece from the first batch before it was gobbled up. He repeatedly asked me to save some for him so here's a small sauce plate worth of sio bak kept in an obscure corner of the kitchen. #dayrefatties #dayrecooks

This is what I meant by making the pieces stand using toothpicks haha. And this is how it looks like out of the toaster oven. Woop!

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