I spoke too soon…

Just as I mentioned that my contractor is awesome because he doesn't charge me extra for drawers, he sent me a message to charge me extra. HAHA.

Fml because last night we were just finalising our carpentry designs #dayrehomes #chowdanhome

I feel like my contractor is not very professional ah because he draws me pictures like this LOL.

He doesn't even bother using a ruler.

HAHA Husband Ng looked at this and said he don't even know what this is supposed to be.

"Is this drawn by a primary school student"?

Ok my drawing to him also not much better. BUT HELLO. I'm not a professional haha.

Got people draw their own carpentry one meh. 😑

Anyway so now that he's gonna charge me extra. I'm intending to just make cabinets and buy drawer inserts from #taobao

Ok lor if he want to charge me extra then I might as well buy my drawer inserts from Taobao right?

Here's the edited drawing haha.

Taobao is really quite amazing. This insert fits in your top cabinets and descends to eye level so you won't need to tiptoe or use a stool to access your stuff! 🙌🏻

Seriously smart. #chowbao

Every time I ask my contractor for something, I have a mini heart attack. Almost everything also need to add money.

钱钱钱 💰

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