Daniel had his last uni class yesterday! πŸŽ‰

It's a party for me because it means I don't have to send him and pick him from school anymore. πŸ˜…

He used to drop me off at work before going to school but since I left my job, I've been his nanny. πŸ™ˆ

Happy that he has come to the end of this journey!

We celebrated by having Okinawa cuisine at Liang Court and then walking across the river for some ice cream. 🍦

Daniel has this friend who is obsessed with Jap culture and he recommended us to try out this place called Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai. And πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›it was so good!

Husband Ng had a form of tsukemen and I had this bitter gourd tofu dish that blew my mind.

Sorry ah, no pics because we were damn greedy and ate like piglets. 🐷 Also cos the food was damn good.

I was half expecting to sulk cos I'm kind of on a diet and tried having a vegetable dish instead of ramen but #noregrets.

Thanks ah Dan's friend. Our tummies were super happy. 😌

Continuing our #dayrefatties journey, my mum suggested eating here since we were in Bugis this afternoon to do a dried goods grocery run.

You know how old people are very passive aggressive when they want to eat somewhere. Like they don't want to explicitly say "Let's eat here!" So they will ask you, where do you wanna eat, what's nice here. Last time here got a very nice chicken rice have you heard of it.

That's my mum. She mentioned Yet Con about 3 times casually. So we decided on it.

It's a damn old school place! The moment we stepped in there was this weird funky smell in the air.

Like…mouldy? But not exactly?

Also, no menu. You just say if you want chicken rice and whether you want sio bak. No sio bak for us because…overdosed over the weekend.

Woohoo! Sad to say, despite the old school vibe, the chicken rice wasn't very legit.

Daniel said it probably was legit, just not the kind we're used to eating. The rice wasn't very oily and not as flavourful as what we get in Hawker centres

But! I still think people should try this. I mean, you don't eat it for the flavour, but for the feeling that you're a part of this heritage. So sad to think that after the old ones, this place will probably close. πŸ˜”

The crowd was still pretty strong at lunch tho! Maybe some people like this version of chicken rice? πŸ˜…

On to some #dayrehomes update! I've been trying hard to resolve this problem we've been having regarding 2 ceiling fans in the living room.

I'm obsessed with ceiling fans because Singapore is so bloody hot and I cannot sit still if I don't have a fan blowing in my face. Since we're having our dining and living area in the common space, I wanted 2 fans, one above the dining and one above living.

But Husband Ng and FIL Ng thinks it will make the living space look like a helicopter. πŸ˜‘

Ok la to give them credit, it does look like the 2 propellers la. But! Hello! Singapore so hot! I'm not eating dinner with no wind in my face!

I sit directly in front of the fan at my dining table at home (best position ever) because I hate feeling warm. I don't want to compromise!! Plus standing fans are quite ugly ah. It's like you carefully choose all the furniture for your home and then πŸ’₯ you ruin it with an ugly standing fan.

So I chanced upon this invisible fan on #taobao and thought it was a reasonable solution to our problem.

Basically when the fan is turned off, the blades are hidden so it looks just like a normal lamp.

I previously saw this design on Taobao too but all of them were super obiang! So I left them out. Now that we have found this simple one, I really want it for ALL the rooms haha.

But I already have 2 ceiling fans I bought previously. πŸ˜…

Oh! And I wanted to introduce my new tool/toy to #dayrehome owners! This laser measuring tool IS AMAZING.

I suck at using measuring tapes cos it's such a chore and I'm damn scared when it retracts quickly (i scared my finger gets sawed off) so this is a dream come true.

You put it in position, press a button and a laser shoots out towards the end point and BEEP you have the measurement you want.

Plus it can calculate area. #chowbao #chowdanhome

S$20 from Taobao which I will consider a steal because it is typically used by Engineers and architects. I don't think Singapore has it in normal stores.

BUT I LOVE IT LAH. No more asking Daniel to measure stuff. And no more waiting for slow Contractors to get back to me.

One time, I asked my contractor to measure something for me and he said "you measure yourself la. More accurate"


NEVERMIND. Now I will measure it myself. And guess what, it will definitely be more accurate. #FU

To end of this night, I just carted out $43USD worth of #colourpop stuff thanks to free international shipping.

I don't even wear make up that often…I'm too lazy to even put on contacts most of the time…πŸ™ƒ

Oh and by the way, besides becoming a pro in drawing carpentry designs, I'm also going to become a lighting expert.

You got see people pay so much for renovation but still have to draw their own lighting plan until like that or not!!!!

My contractor really is best. Ask me to go down to the house and label all the lighting points and power points. Power points I can understand but lighting??!? Dude I have to draw on the ceiling???

Or maybe there's some other way to label lighting points (on the floor maybe)? That he did not explain to me. But nevermind. I hope this is detailed enough for him so I don't end up with any surprises.

Surprises are bad. I will laugh if my pendant lamp for the balcony ends up in the guest toilet. #justkidding #plsdont

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