Eep! I haven't been updating much recently because Dan's off school now and I pretty much spend most of my days cooking and spending time with him. 😌😌

That being said, some #dayrehomes updates. We had our aircon trunking installed last week and received the last of our #ezbuy parcels, which includes our small 2 seater sofa for the master-study and our super huge dining table.

I also took the plunge and unwrapped my living room sofa from the rice sack it was packed in cos I was curious and wanted to know how it looked like.

WOOP. I love it! 😍 And it's firm yet comfortable. We only unwrapped half a sofa cos we had a horrible time trying to clingwrap it back and poor Husband Ng had to slave over making sure that it was wrapped tightly #sorry #chowbao #chowdanhome

That being said, I'm in love with the way the sofa looks! Although the sofa legs did come a little scratched cos the seller didn't bother to pack them properly. 🙃

Can you see the scratches? But I updated the seller and they agreed to send us new legs! With no extra charge and no need to return the old ones.

Ok, now I can ship them over with my ceiling fans. 🤓

Speaking of ceiling fans, remember these that I got? And I complained that I found a much prettier design?

Well I found some kind people that were willing to take these off my hands on Carousell so our new home will have invisible fans for ALL ROOMS!

They are more expensive but it's something we're willing to pay for since the aesthetics of ceiling fans is something Husband Ng and I have been arguing for for ever.

Oh and check out my lonely toilet bowl sitting in a corner. I finally remembered to take a photo.

I remembered when this was delivered, my Brother helped receive it among 10 other parcels. When he left my place, he texted me to say that he put the toilet bowls in the toilets.

And I was like huh. How you know which is the toilet bowl since all are in boxes and not unwrapped?

He said "aiya you will know"

And now I know. It really looks like a toilet bowl. Even in the box HAHAHAH.

I had previously imagined that it would come in a square box.

I also went out last Saturday. Went out as in. Went to have drinks and stayed out past 2am haha. 😅

It's a huge thing cos I doubt I've been out so late for a long time. Just nice Daniel had a birthday celebration to attend so I decided to hang out and grab some drinks with my other favourite Ng.

Check out my extremely marriage inappropriate outfit that night.

I bought this dress when I was 18/19 and holy shit it's still in my wardrobe. Haha.

I sent this to Husband Ng and asked if I should wear this and he was like "why not".

Uh. Because I feel like an Aunty nowadays. I'm only 23 but………….I'm an aunty at heart. ❤️ #noshame

I had thought I could handle it. But…I almost fell asleep on the uberpool while heading to Tanjong Pagar. 💤

Then, while we were playing games (Dan's friends joined us), I yawned like a gazillion times.

By the time we walked out of the club for a breather at 230am, I was sitting by the pavement and nodding off. HAHHAA WTF. 😥😥

I think Husband Ng's friends think I'm a party pooper now.

Btw, I promptly fell asleep on the cab and didn't even stir when we dropped Dan's friend off #sleepaddict


I'm not old in age, but old at heart. Then again, we still had a pretty great night. Tanjong Pagar holds amazing memories for Dan and I because we used to spend most our weekends there when we were teens. (19 also teen right)

The old Play club was our absolute favourite. I think mostly because all the straight people stayed away from it and all the fun people went there. 🌈

We used to only go home at 5am. But uh. I was already snoring at 5am last Saturday 😅

Van (my other favourite Ng) is already calling for another night out on Friday since it's Zouk's last day (?! is it?) before they move to CQ.

But…not sure if my old soul can take that sort of trampling. After all it is Zouk and it is sort of my bedtime already.

Last time I used to hesitate attending parties cos I had no money. Now I hesitate cos I have no energy. ☹️️ What a change. #growingup

Then again, these girls make it quite worth my time so maybe…?

It feels so weird to be out in the clubs nowadays. Kind of like I'm living a life that I used to live but no longer do? #philosophical

Also, shout out to my OBB whom I know is reading this! All these clubbing stuff make me miss us and the days we used to (kind of and also self proclaimed) reign over Tanjong Pagar. 😌😌 Oh what I'd give to relive those days.

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