Just wanted to update on the #taobao #1111 buys that I got.

Daniel's shoes came! They were a teeny weeny bit small but nothing a good stretching won't solve. πŸ˜…

I actually really love the shoes. They are not as pale as seen in photos posted by the seller and are a creamy brown instead.

😍 #chowbao

Check out the details. Husband Ng didn't really like the little small holes in the beginning. But I guess they grew on him.

(Always listen to your wife)

The only thing I didn't really like is the transparent sole HAHA.

It came as a shock cos we always thought the sole would be some sort of brown rubber?

But it came transparent so quite weird.

But ok la! It's quite anti-slip. And it doesn't matter and doesn't look obvious when worn.

$50 well spent! I really like a man with nice shoes.

We've been sneaker (skipper for me) heads all our lives so this is really a refreshing change!

Also, our kitchen tap came! It's really super heavy (hope it's heavy duty too) and looks good.

Daniel is the one that's more excited about this.

Talking about #chowdanhomes reminds me that there hasn't been much progress on our home Reno since last week. Hello contractor pls hurry!


Also, since I'm almost done furnishing the home with essentials, I'm looking at filling up my guest rooms.

Daniel and I are really looking forward to my mum coming to bunk with us on weekends and whenever else she wants to. So I'm thinking of doing some simple furnishing.

Anyway! This is a good time to mention why I love Daniel so much. I'm the youngest daughter so my mum is super sticky to me.

Especially since my Dad spends most of his time in Shanghai and Guangzhou working and with my brothers all overseas or moved out, she's particularly lonely.

But this Daniel, is always super understanding and accommodating when I need to run errands for my mum or if I have to spend some time at home on weekends.

I admit that we spend wayyyy less time with his family than we do with my mum, and it makes me feel bad sometimes, but aiyo. Really caught in the middle.

So I'm really thankful that Daniel's mum is really independent. And has activities lined up for herself most weekends. 😌

Also helps that she's younger and generally more playful. My Mother…just wants us to stay at home with her haha!

#dayredaughters #dayredaughterinlaws

So when we talk about moving out and I ask my mum to come stay with us and pretend we're on vacation, Daniel always enthusiastically says YES and encourages her. This always wins my heart 😍 πŸ™ˆ

Oh okay I digressed anyway. First order of business for our guest rooms is….wardrobes!

Whoops sorry! I got distracted because my contractor rushed us for the lighting point and switch/PowerPoint drawing and Husband Ng was trying to work it out with me. πŸ˜‚

Phew. Now that we got that out of the way and slotted one work out in, I'm gonna shower 🚿 and hopefully let u guys know what I'm adding into my cart. πŸ˜‚

I think I gotta postpone the wardrobe selections cos…sigh need to choose more important stuff haha. ☹️️

Ok I'm back! First thing on the list is….

This fabulous ceiling fan. I posted about all the ceiling fan drama and how it looks like a helicopter with 2 ceiling fans in the living room.

I managed to sell off my previous units so I'm getting these for my entire house! YASSSSSS.

ALSO, getting the wall controlled version instead of a remote because…I always misplace remotes. And also cos I'm old school. Haha.

Link here: http://e22a.com/h.1TqATR?cv=AAfKDdWS&sm=83caef

Btw it really looks like just a light even when the blades are spinning.

Photo koped from one of the reviewers on Taobao hahaha.

The next thing I'm getting are these custom made wood blinds.

I need these to come in earlier cos our built in wardrobe actually covers part of our windows so if these are installed after the wardrobe then I'm gonna be in trouble haha.

I'm not sure if these are considered expensive, but for an area of about 3.7 square meters, it's about $200SGD. Maybe some #dayrehomes owners can enlighten me.

These are made of wood tho. Not laminated. πŸ€“

Uh. The next thing I'm getting is damn boring haha. It's battery operated light strips for under my top kitchen cabinet and my wardrobes probably.

We didn't even bother asking our contractor to help build this into the cupboard cos we really just wanna get the renovation part over and done with. Plus these light strips are so cheap. Is like $7 for 2 metres. With waterproofing.

So we will DIY it! If we don't like it then remove lor haha.

About the blinds…

I had originally wanted to post about this last night but it was past twelve and I was lazy to do the time manipulation trick. πŸ˜‚

So now that I'm awake and well rested, I shall post about this.

1. Measurements

So the way you take measurements affect the way your blinds will cover the window.

You know the area where you have a window is usually recessed in? You can choose to cover the recess area via overlap (ε€–θ£…οΌ‰or cover it just nice, so it also fits in the recess area (ε†…θ£…).

If you choose to overlap then you measure the wall that protrudes from the window area, but if you want it to fit in the recess, measure your window but -1cm from the width.


I think most home owners won't have this measurement problem because the curtain supplier will come down and measure.

But since I'm getting this from Taobao (found another seller who can get me the same blinds for $80 wtf), I have to DIY la haha.

This picture explains the ε†…θ£… and the 倖装! I initially thought they meant whether you want the blinds indoors or outdoors -.-

2. Choose the track

Apparently there's a huge track and like a smaller version. Visually, the difference is minimal la to me.

But apparently the thicker tract makes pulling the blinds much easier (by 50%). But it's also more expensive. Life πŸ˜₯

3. Choose the straps!

Ok la this was a no brainer for me because the thick strap was kind of an eyesore.

Although the thick strap is definitely more durable, and I'm supposed to choose practicality but……..this one…..rly…..ABIT thick haha.

I'm intending to get the motorised version which is remote controlled, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get the electric cables run haha. πŸ˜‚

My contractor confirm plus chop won't help me install so I can only ask him to include an electrical point for me. Sad.

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