We had so much drama from the contractor this week that my eyes are about to pop out from their sockets in anger.

I think that as home owners, we've been pretty much super patient about this entire renovation process. Compared to couples who monitor all the works and watch over the workers while the renovation is being carried out, Dan and I are really quite chill and only pop in for 10 minutes every 2-3 days just to check on progress. Plus, every time we notice something done wrong, I never ever lash out or demand they rectify it. Instead I will ask if there has been a mistake and am ALWAYS polite.

But really…sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice. First, they said they applied for a permit to widen our main door and told us it was rejected by HDB. But when I called HDB to clarify, they said my contractor didn't even submit the request -_-

Then, they didn't hack a row of hollow tiles off my kitchen wall and plastered over it instead. Hollow tiles must be hacked cos it runs the risk of falling off when you plaster over it. Our old tiles were already cracked so it was ++ dangerous.

I think I reminded them about the hacking 2-3 weeks ago but omg. Until now also haven't hack. Jesus.

Then, after they resubmitted the HDB permit request for the main door, they didn't follow up with HDB when they were asked for clarifications. When I asked them for updates, they still can tell me "OK I check with HDB" when hello! You need to reply to HDB with the details first right.

And now, after promising us that we can have unlimited number of electrical points in our home when we signed the contract, they are telling us that we need to fork out an extra $800 to upgrade our DB box because "you have too many electrical points".

THIS ONE….REALLY….LAST STRAW MAN. I even sent him the Whatsapp conversation in which it clearly states that "there are no limits" to the number of electrical points in our home, and that the electrical rewiring charge covers everything.

His response? "The best I can do is absorb $300, you pay $500"

Angry or not you tell me. No apologies, no nothing. Even when I clearly exposed his lie when he told me my main door couldn't be widened, there wasn't a single apology. FML. My strategy has always been to stay courteous and polite with them even when I am livid, because I don't want them to hate me and ruin my renovation, but this time, it's really extra hard to be nice.

Husband Ng wanted to call them and yell at them and for the first time I was secretly encouraging him.

#dayrehomes #justifiedrant

Anyway, on to happier and better things. We've finally chosen the paint colours for our home. Daniel kept saying that he wanted the whole house to be white but omg. Even choosing white also have 10000 different kinds.

My biggest fear is being adventurous and ending up with a house that uh, looks really weird. So we stuck to the safer choices. I'm insisting on having some greys in the house cos…so much white so boring. Hahaha. (Like grey is very exciting like that)

We're keeping the warmer and darker colours for the rooms and keeping the common areas crisp and clean. Hopefully these decisions are…good decisions?

So many #dayrehome owners are using Nippon! But my contractor is using "ICI" which, I realised late, is Dulux. Idk what is the difference…so I am not going to bother asking him and getting annoyed over it.

Omg, for every decision we need to make, I need to come up with these elaborate maps and labels to ensure that the message is communicated across properly. We hardly ever get to meet up with our contractor.

But ya! I think these kind of detailed labelling help prevent miscommunications. Especially when it comes to lighting points and powerpoints. I spent so much time trying to make sure I covered all the details so my contractor cannot just agar agar and give me bullcrap again.

Shucks, this has been such an angsty post haha. Anyway, I wanted to talk about our latest buy from #taobao

It's thing called an "insinkerator" and is super popular in the US. It's basically a grinder that sits below your sink and catches all the food debris that falls into the drain. You turn it on, and it grinds up the food into paste or powder so it doesn't clog up the drain.

It's apparently like a staple in western countries, but I haven't seen any Singaporean homes that use this. I HATE removing the sieve that catches all the food in the sink and having to empty it. Plus I hate how everything gets stuck in the sieve and I sometimes have to use my fingers to dig out the food that's stuck. Super gross.

This one will save me all the trouble. Uh, apparently like people who have this throw ALL their food waste inside their sink and then have them pulverized and flush them into the drain, but I don't think I'll do that. Just don't want to have to remove all the small pieces of food. People actually throw chicken bones, vegetable peel and like all their leftovers to be crushed.

That seems a little insane though.

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