Daniel always says that I should go do procurement because I LOVE Taobao shopping haha.

So now that our (unfinished) home is filled to the brim with furniture, I'm on a temporary ban and can't buy anymore haha.

At least I've gotten most of the essentials covered! I think….but I'm still itching to surf for some new stuff.

I'm so major grouchy right now because my throat has been scratchy the entire day. And now, it's developed into a almost full blown sore throat. 😤

Daniel has been sniffing and coughing the entire of last week and now I'm sick too. A few days before our #bkk trip too!

Anyone has super quick remedies for sore throats? I've eaten danzen/lysosome/neoflo and gargled with Difflam and eaten Difflam but I still feel like hell.

I can't sleep in air conditioned rooms cos my throat and nose gets so dry, I get infections.

Usually when I travel, we pack a humidifier so I get to moisturise my nasal passage as I sleep. I don't really need it in Singapore because I don't sleep with the aircon, but since Dan moved in with me (haha), we've been turning on the aircon every night.

Of course, we compromise by turning it off right before we fall asleep. But not sure why my throat was SO DRY the past two nights.

SIGH. Sore throats please go away. I don't want to play with you. 😭

Ending off the night with super cute pictures of my baby nephew. I sent him to his paeds appointment today and he really cracked me up.

So small, but so full of drama already.

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