My Brother has been eating out all week since his Son was born cos the confinement lady cooks special meals for my SIL and he doesn't wanna eat it cos the ingredients are very expensive. 😅

So I made a huge pot of pork bolognese cream for him.

Lots of onions cos………….I like?

Pork instead of beef cos he's staying away from beef due to environmental concerns.

Apparently beef is the most environmentally harmful meat because of the amount of water used/methane produced and land space it takes up. 🐮

Oh ya. I'm cooking this in the pressure cooker cos it's mess free and it takes only 6 minutes for the sauce to reduce and pasta to cook. A one pot meal!

My Brother is a Super simple guy. If I put fresh button mushrooms, he won't tell the difference between canned ones. Or more accurately, he won't like it more just because I'm using more atas ingredients.

So in goes a can of mushrooms! 🍄

Today we also made BUKO PIE. Which is young coconut pie. Daniel has been going on and on about this because he tasted one during his childhood and couldn't forget the taste. 🌴

I promised to make it for him after his exam but then he fell sick and I fell sick. And tmr we are going to #bkk so I thought we should make it before the coconuts go bad.

Wah! I gotta say the coconuts we bought from Giant were expensive but Super sweet!

Ooey goeey insides and super sweet.

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