If any of you girls need the bralettes urgently for Christmas presents etc, let me know and I can try to arrange a pick up either from my place or a mass one at Pasir Ris MRT? 💪🏻

Posting some close ups of the furry bra haha.

By the way I tried wearing this just now and I couldn't close the clasp because the lace isn't as stretchy as the others.

If you're 1-2 sizes smaller than me, I think this will fit you. I will post measurements later!

#ourbraletteclub #dayrebraletteclub

I will also be updating this on my Shopee account (braintango) so you can go there to see see and ask me questions.

I know that it can be hard to follow the insane comment thread 😂

Btw! This is what the Long lace with the front straps looks like! I am wearing it today!

(Yes this is me but if my mum asks, I will say no HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

And this is what I mean by your boobs will bulge out of the cups la.

This is in royal blue which is lovely! But it looks like black cos of the lighting and editing.

Is it I can model all the bralettes now? #KIDDINGAH

I think for round 2 I will try to take in orders from Shopee so I don't have to consolidate until die. 😂

Super ugly picture, but I am now doing round 2 on Shopee! If you guys are interested can go see see 👀

There's design which I bought 1 piece of and never posted because I actually didn't quite like it.

It's not really suitable for the girls which have bigger boobs because the material is very thin and there's not enough lift for the bigger boobs.

But! I would imagine it to look amazing on the girls with smaller boobs la. Cos the lace is so intricate and it's so see through. 🙈

Taking a break from bra stuff to apply for season parking in Tanjong Pagar.

The staff are out for lunch tho! ☹️️

Working in town is my biggest night mare

Also. I wore this white button down and daniel the fatty copied me. Are you trying to match with me fatty Ng. 🙈

He's hiding in this corner now because I called him Fatty Ng and accused him of squishing me in a single seat we had to share. 😥

Check out our lunch. We didn't want to spend $13 each eating in CBD so we bought a roast chicken (WHOLE AH) and a salad and a bunch of discounted bananas for $15.


It seems like my home is now a 🎄 factory!

Husband is a bra packer hahaha.

I'm too cheap to pay for polymailers so I'm using paper bags and putting them in plastic bags HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.


Sorry guys.

I will be getting these from #BKK when I go back in Jan! Velvet swimsuits 🙈

I don't rly like wearing bikinis because uh despite body positivity, I don't like revealing so much skin haha.

These are perfect! So luxe and cute and…since when did velvet become waterproof!

Aunty says I can let her know how many I want and she will give "good price" hehe anyone want to buy together 😂

Ok the aunty's good price is not good for me. 790 THB is like $30 man aunty. ☹️️ I thought we were friends.

Ok but if we can hit 50 pieces, she can lower it to 450THB which is $18. Is that expensive for a swimsuit. #dontevenknow maybe I should #taobao


So many designs. And colours ~~

I'm updating my Shopee account with the new designs the Aunty sent me for January!


She's ripping the designs off some online images and getting them made so there are sizes available for the January versions! 😱😱😱


I think the sizes will make the bralette fit more perfectly so my boobs don't pop out HAHAHAHA. 😂

We're doing some (almost) midnight grocery shopping cos we are hosting on Xmas. SO MUCH TO DO SO LITTLE TIME!

2:33AM and I'm still awake!

I just received a whole load of photos and guess what, velvet is in season in BKK 2017!! (According to my intel la)

I am drooling man. Not a good look to sport at 3am in the morning HAHAH.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll update Shopee. If not I might just grab them for myself. 🙂

Hello lace, you've got competition in the form of swanky velvet! ❤️️ #dayrefashion #bralettes

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