With the help of @chenshiqi we're finally done packing!!!!!!

Thank you my little Christmas elf! ❤️️

#ourbraletteclub #dayrebraletteclub

The mess

The end product!!! 😂😂

What I have left! That you can help me buy hahaha.

Ok so my math is damn jialat and despite having a finance student to help me. I ended up with quite a lot extra.

Standard lace (blue) x 1
White nipple x 4
Grey Long Lace x 5
Mermaid black x 6
Mermaid white x 6
Black standard lace panty x 7
Grey standard lace panty x 4

You can place an order on my Shopee account: braintango!

@sharonpsm @fightflightt @backstagejuliet @fruiteaberry @2cute4u @pinkpaperhearts @ragelbagel @yapjingwen I have yet to receive any form submissions from you guys so I don't know your address and email. Pls let me know ASAP!

I want to mail out all the orders today, but it's raining heavily and I'm scared the bras will get wet 😦 Also, girls who haven't paid me, pls let me know when you do or let me know if you need more time! Thank youuuuuu!

Merry Christmas guys! My Father in law is a genius that loves doing such things.

What an amazing fruit tree! 🎄

My mum was invited over and she bought an old school cake HAHAHAHAHA. So cute.

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