Merry Christmas guys!! 🎉🎄

Unfortunately, idk why but I ran a pretty high fever last night. It was so sudden! I was cooking onion jam and after that I felt really cold and achey. 😖

For those who know me, I can't take painkillers so things like aspirin and Panadol which are miracle medicines for fever, I kenot eat. ☹️️

I was so sad because Fatty Ng and I were supposed to host a party as per tradition.

But okay la! My fever broke this afternoon and all I'm left with is some residual headache. 😂

Currently, potatoes are being pressure cooked for mashed potatoes and my maple miso glazed pork belly is sitting in the fridge. 🙈

This velvet Lace Bralette is now up on shopee!

This is my favourite. Front clasp with lace and velvet. So luxe!

#ourbraletteclub #dayrebraletteclub

This one also! A standard black strappy Woop.

I think velvet is soooo gorgeous.

Woop! Siobak with onion jam crostini.

Daniel's sliders which were mad awesome. He used 4 different cuts of beef and minced it himself.

IT WAS SUPER GOOD. Haha one of my friends was only supposed to drop by for a drink but ended up staying for way longer because of the sliders.


Every year I tell myself I will never host a Christmas dinner again, but every year we still do it.

It's really a lot of effort cooking and preparing but seeing everyone come over and have dinner together is just AMAZING.

This year was especially hard since we had to mail out the bralettes and go grocery shopping. PLUS idk why I fell sick on Christmas Eve wtheck!

But all is well and I'm soooo happy that we decided to do this. Our first Christmas as newly weds and with all our friends. 😊😊

What is Christmas without bread pudding right? 🍞

Merry Christmas from us! ⭐️

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone!

Girls! Shopee is having $3 off which means you can get your bralettes at an even lower price. 😱😱

If you're interested you can purchase now!

Thank you for making my Christmas amazing!

Can't believe we stayed till 3am in the morning. Thanks to Daniel's karaoke machine and monopoly deal!

Late night monopoly deal. The best way for someone to win 3 games in a row because the others are busy sleeping HAHAHAHA.

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