Woke up early to try and get some work done, only to realise that…I have no access to the module I need to complete. And I'm locked out of the other module…so I'm taking a break?


I think some of you girls might receive the bralettes today! Let me know how it goes ok!

Velvet sex man 😍

#ourbraletteclub #dayrebraletteclub


Why you kill the brontosaurus ☚ī¸ī¸â˜šī¸ī¸â˜šī¸ī¸ All they do is eat grass.

@bihui @crystalcollin @hewydewychewy @okayelaine @pearlyncqh

Girls! I haven't received payment but I'm going to mail out your stuff today since I'll be leaving for Penang tomorrow.

Just let me know when you do a transfer and thank you for letting me know that you'll be delayed!!

@fatjojohead @sherrill @whqlskdla @windmills I haven't heard from you guys since you submitted the google form so just wanted to confirm that you guys are still interested in the order before I mail it out! 😊

@fightflightt I have packed your order but you haven't filled in the Google form nor paid so idk what's going on HAHAHAHA. Let me know if you still want the bralettes! 😊😊

Disclaimer! If you've paid and informed me I might have forgotten cos I'm a klutz. I apologise and just let me know again k! Then I'll check. ☚ī¸ī¸ sorry!

Help me choose colours!

I wanted to bring in this velvet set that I haven't posted on Shopee yet. But not sure what colours are best since I am bad with colours. ☚ī¸ī¸






😱😱 I can't decide!

😍 So many variations of the nipple bralette.

#bralettes #bkk

Has anyone received their orders yet? đŸ˜Ĩ

I just drove to the petrol kiosk without my bra on. Initially it was only for Daniel to grab some stuff for our Penang trip tmr but I ended up going down to help make some decisions.

I crossed my arms the whole time. And looked like an idiot. 😊🌚

LOL. Is it all these bra talk making me more brazen. 😰

Preparing for my 1.5 weeks of Travelling by doing a brow gel tattoo.

Ain't nobody got time to draw brows you know? 😅😅

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