The weather is sweltering!

We sought out Tua Pui Curry Mee for breakfast!

NOM the soup was thin but very flavourful. I like!

There was pig blood also. It tastes like tofu la. If you can get over how it looks it's actually very mild.


My good friend Boshi! Who arrived at 2am with a bag of chargers I forgot to bring to Penang.

My humidifier had some problems last night and I had to survive on my mini one that gave me a mild sore throat still. Sad.

APOM! You know what is Apom. It's like uh crepe haha.

So cheap!

Went to a morning market!

And found this super cool man selling corn!

I've never had raw corn before but this one was so unbelievable sweet!

He peels it for you! And it's like eating popcorn in a bag. But indefinitely sweeter.

My advertisers. HAHA.

Famous chendol! But I thought it was ok only. I like the kind that is super thick.

We also had rojak!

Trying out this pair of crazy sunglasses @boshifang bought. Muahahahahhaha.

We matched today!!! Hehehe purposely want to be disgusting and romantic. 😍

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