Morning dimsum!

Every morning, we have 4 free breakfast at the hotel. But we have 7 pax in total so only the adults had breakfast hahaha.

We have two breakfasts Everyday πŸ˜‚

Group photo!

Dark lipsticks make me look tanned. Or is it the Penang sun?

This was at Tai Tong Restaurant! They push all the dimsum in carts like at Red Star Singapore but more old school.

The glutinous rice was SOOOOO soft and Daniel was Super impressed by the char Siew Bao.


Hello from Mummy Chow and I! πŸ˜…

It was a hunt for murals!


My mum very game and went taking Super a lot of photos despite the insanely hot weather. β˜€οΈ

Hello Oscar!


It isn't durian season, but we found a place that serves durian!!!

It's at Lorong Susu and although there's only 3 types (XO, butter and Sultan) it was SOOOO good.

I'm not a Super fan so I ate 3 seeds. I think Daniel had 7 seeds or something.

They did give us one type called 88 which was weird. I think it's Thai durian so the texture and taste quite weird.


HAHAA using gloves.

We spent a total of about 500 MYR on it and I think it was ok considering we ate 7 durians. πŸ™ˆ

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

For how long we took to get there (30min) this place really isn't worth the time.

You're much better off going to other night markets instead!! No pics cos…………


HAHAHHAHA. But nvm we were all quite tired so better to stay home too!

Just read this post on Facebook that was really well written.

China is a country that I hold really close to my heart because I've spent a great deal of time there. My father has been working in Shanghai for as long as I remember (since I was 10) and most of my holidays were spent in there.

This means applying for Visas so we could stay there for months on end and learning all about the little cities that surrounded our holiday home. I love the rich culture, cheap food and efficiency. If you want something, the best place to search is in China.

But I cannot deny the fact that there is a solid foundation where the complaints about Chinese people and their horrible habits are built upon. They are undeniably some of the most difficult people to live with, but yet somehow, despite everything they are renowned for, I still have this strong attachment towards China.

What I like about this post is that it explains why the Chinese are so famous for their "chabuduo" (or half-fucked) culture and how it is in-built into them almost the same way our genes are coded.

Many of the times, people like to judge them just by their actions on their surface. They talk very loudly, they are very uncivilized and they are very very very inconsiderate. It's true. But I think one thing we have to realize is that they are not doing it on purpose. They are not doing it to irritate you, neither are they doing it because they are mean or evil. It's just the way they are. Some people like to push or shove others when walking through crowded spaces and don't apologize when they do so. However, when others shove them back, they get super duper annoyed.

Chinese are not like that. If they talk loudly, they don't realize that they are being a public nuisance because to them, that is the norm. So if you talk loudly, or you cut their queue, or you shove them, push them, they don't take it to heart. Heck, they don't even notice.

I lived in China for a good half a year when I was on exchange and something we realized about the Chinese is that they are like lotus roots. They might be very awful on the outside, but when you get to know them, they are really really really nice and friendly people.

I think a lot of the tourists behave badly because we're taking them out of their comfort zone and placing them somewhere else and that makes them seem extra horrible in comparison. Also because they are just naturally a jittery bunch and when they are confused, they just end up talking even louder or rushing everywhere.

But really, going back to the chuabuduo culture, which basically means that you just do things to an acceptable standard that's good enough instead of perfect, I'm actually guilty of it. The main difference between Daniel and I is that he is a perfectionist that gives every thing he does the best of his efforts, while I'm basically a Ms Chabuduo who just wants to get it done to it's minimal acceptable standard.

Lucky for me, my minimal standard is still higher than everyone else's so my Chabuduo isn't that noticeable, but it really shows sometimes and when magnified, it is basically the underlying reason for why Chinese made products don't last long, explode easily and are generally known for their shitty quality.

I'm stuck in this loop of doing everything just "chabuduo" and hoping that it's good enough for everyone else. But only today did I realise that this "chabuduo" which I used to assume only affects my own life, affects the others around me as well.

And when magnified, it is the reason why new buildings collapse, why power plants incinerate and why thousands of people die under the most undeserving circumstances everyday. Today, I give a little thanks that my life isn't consequential enough for me to make tough and hard decisions. Because if I keep this "chabuduo" culture up, who knows how many lives I'd be taking everyday.

#thishasbeenarant #dayrethoughts

If you would like to read the entire article, it can be found here:

Going for midnight ζ–—εœ°δΈ» game with @boshifang and @thenniel

Uh. One playing with bubbles and another with yoyo. #penang

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