Everyone is doing a 2016 recap and I wanna do one too! πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ» (kichiu)

1. Graduated from university

No photos here because…I didn't attend graduation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I don't really like meaningful or symbolic ceremonies, so I skipped this one. The first time in my life in which I could make such decisions and I'm thankful that my mum agreed and understood and didn't bug me to go.

I always tell her it's a miracle that I graduated from Uni considering how I previously dropped out from law school πŸ˜‚ and took a mini sabbatical.

Also didn't help that @undermyvan also didn't go for graduation.

2. Went to Perth for Grad Trip!

We went to Perth for a 10 day holiday after I graduated!

So happy because I love driving and we drove almost 2k km in 10 days πŸ˜‚

My graduation present from Daniel was thermos hahaha. Thermos flasks.

Damn funny but damn sweet of him. Throughout the whole trip he kept holding this shoe box that he refused to open and show me. I was wondering if he was going to propose..

Still oblivious on the flight there…

3. Became the most awkward Bride to be ever

Daniel proposed while we were in Perth and it took me almost 100 years to find a photo decent enough to pose because we were both so nervous and awkward.

I felt like he could finally breathe after he proposed HAHAHAHAHAH. But he had nothing to be nervous about…because by the time we had already…

4. Purchased our home

I've never posted pictures of how our house used to look like…or did I? #dayrehomes

But basically it was in horrific condition. Not sure how the previous owners used to live, but it was damn awful.

The Property Agent told us to just wear shoes into the house because it was filthy.

But I guess you just gotta see the potential in stuff. πŸ™ˆ

5. My first full time job

Before I even graduated, I interviewed with Garena and signed on as a Marketive Executive.

I started work almost immediately after my grad trip and it was honestly one of the coolest offices I've worked in.

The penthouse unit, modern facilities and extensive snack bars were real (even the sleeping pods) and while I was there I met some of the coolest people ever.

My team was great and really fun to hang out with and I averaged 1 Magnum Mini every day (thank u pantry) 🍦

But in the end, I had to move on because sadly, despite the people and cool af office, it wasn't something I was really interested in or wanted to develop at that point of my life.

So I did the unthinkable and quit my first job out of school after a short 2 months.

I know of so many people who were dying to be in my position and so many of my friends wanted me to stay on because "it eventually gets better".

But I refused.

Sometimes it never gets better because a triangle piece can never fit into a circular hole. You can however, grow to accept the status quo and that's not something I wanted to do at 23 years old.

6. My 6 month sabbatical

As I'm typing this, I'm coming really close to the end of my 6 month work break.

I never intended for it to be so long and I never really gave myself a deadline. I just wanted to make sure I found a job I really really liked and that would allow me to learn and hone my craft in content B2B marketing.

I got quite a few offers but really wanted to wait and wait and wait until I got something I LOVED.

But I guess you don't know true love until you're in it so I'm excited to see if I'll love where my new job takes me. 😊

7. Became Mrs Ng

I'm not sure how but my dreams of becoming Mrs Ng became reality much earlier than I expected.

It was the best day of my life and now I'm living a dream that are what most people desire.

Although this Fatty drives me insane at times, I really appreciate him in my life and it is one of my greatest honours to be able to call him my Husband. #dayrebrides

It's also because of my sabbatical that I got to plan my dream #taobao wedding that was featured on wedding scoop!

If you're interested, can scroll back to read the extremely detailed TB post!

8. Daniel graduated!!

Also no pictures because he hasn't attended the graduation ceremony. But so proud of him for graduating ahead of time and doing really well!

Better than me for sure haha. And so ends the days of me ferrying him to school and picking him up after.

This also ends our affinity with the west cos no more need to travel so far. πŸ˜‚

9. Becoming a bralette peddler πŸ‘™

I'm still not very sure how it happened, but it did. And I feel like it kinda changed my life forever.

So thank you for making my procurement dreams come true and for making me soooo happy about buying 200 bralettes.

Also became an underwear model πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

#ourbraletteclub #dayrebraletteclub

10. Adopted the jet setter lifestyle

I'm just kidding, but in less than 12 hours after coming back from Penang, I'll be at the airport leaving for BKK. πŸ˜‚

I'm really tired but not complaining because I'll probably not be able to travel for leisure in the next 6 months.

I am extremely excited to be seeing the new bra designs tho!!! If u want to order, be quick! If not then maybe will have no stock left le. πŸ™ˆ

This year has been nothing short of amazing and I'm thankful for all the experiences, both good or bad.

I'm really looking forward to 2017 because I'm pretty sure it'll be filled with crazy stuff and I'm equally sure that with every step of the way, lovely people are there for me.

Goodbye 2016! You will be sorely missed. But for now, I'll have to look forward instead. πŸŽ‰

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