Actually no big deal la it's just some thing my new company wants me to do before joining. Hahaha.

I was annoyed because the last time I tried to do it I failed. It was 3am in the morning and I was trying to complete it before going to Penang. But obviously it didn't work out cos I almost fell asleep 😂 THE PREVIOUS TIME I MISSED THE PASSING MARK BY 2% fml.

Also! Shopee why you so mean wanna flag me for low order fulfilment rate.


Girls don't worry k I won't run away hahaha it's just cos I haven't gotten the stocks yet.

We are lazy poops who are lazing in bed and ordered McDonald's hahaha.

I think we order in food almost every trip because we are sooo relaxed. I just want to be lazy. 🍟

If you're wondering what's nice, have the McPork! Although I don't like the strong porky taste. My fav is fries with chocolate sauce hahahaha. Just get the chocolate dip from the dessert section.

Sweet and savoury is the best!

Velvet swimsuits are back in stock on Shopee! And the velvet set is now at a reduced price!!! ✌đŸģī¸âœŒđŸģī¸

We had this for dinner last night! It's the only reason (besides the berry shake) that I go to Neon night market!

This Aunty is so cute and young and well dressed and her pasta is the bomb. I always have the clam one haha.

THE SWEETEST @charlottewangwang shared about the bralettes on her Dayre!

And her styling is really đŸ’¯ on point.

#ourbraletteclub #dayrebraletteclub

I think I need to learn from her 😂😂

Quite a few designs are unavailable on Shopee now due to some unknown reason 😐 But I have stock! So please chat with me on Shopee so I can get back to you when they are back up!

The mermaids are victims of this đŸ˜Ļ

And this bikini 😩

And this racerback

Not sure what I did wrong. SHOPEE PLZZZ. 😂

I think this is quite cute for CNY! If there is enough demand, I might bring in some stocks. (Or maybe one for myself 😅)

Today's Bralette situation. I used to have one grey and one blue midi but I gave one to @chenshiqi Hahahhaa.

Now I'm left with one and I wear the shit out of it. 😂

We're finally leaving the hotel at 4pm. I've been awake since 8 and we've been so busy don't know doing what hahahaha.

Btw all the bralettes are back in stock! ✌đŸģī¸

Dinner time! We bought a super cute octopod and it's become our friend for taking pictures. 📸

We just had dinner at this restaurant which was pretty good!

Get the chicken wings and papaya salad! Yum.

We took a tuktuk because we were in a rush to catch a movie and it's the fastest way.

Successfully negotiated to 130 baht even tho we wanted 120 😂

In the end…the English version of the movie was at an earlier timing and the one we were trying to catch was in Thai 😅

So we ended up walking around instead 👍đŸģ

Our second dinner was boat noodles at this mall near victory monument. Much better than the "Best of Boat Noodles".

I will find the name of the mall (I think its centre one) and the name of the boat noodle stall when I return! It was packed with locals at 9pm!

We also had a blizzard! I always thought the upside down marketing gimmick is damn awesome!

I received a few samples today!!


It's actually made of stretchy material so it's suitable for swimming too! And for the sizing, i would recommend sizing down for the top. But my bottom is quite big la so L is good for me!

The straps are not adjustable and I tied a knot at the back for mine cos it was a little too long. You girls should try sewing it up a little if you find it too long!

Damn paiseh to post pics but hahahah it's really gorgus. 😍😍😍😍😍

Can't wait to receive the velvet swimsuit too! I won't be bringing in many extras especially since they are all in sizes so pls pls pls order early and soon if you want it! 😊

Also receive this palm lace Bralette! The lace is SUPER GORGEOUS. 😍😱

The ribbon bralettes are up on Shopee!

Available in auspicious red, cool grey and royal blue.

Also at an auspicious price of $8.80 HAHAHAHA. 🎉 đŸĨ

The colour of the Sakura Bralette also exceeded my expectations đŸ’¯

It's actually very dark and not as bright. I luvvvvit.

This one cannot model because can see nipple slightly 🙈🙈🙈🙈

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