I feel like this is me after posting up the photos of the velvet bralette set yesterday 😍😂

Except my bralette is cooler and I have more rolls at the tummy. 🙈

Btw the velvet set doubles up as a swimsuit btw!!

How do I know? I tried it on in the shower because so many of you girls were curious 😂

It absorbs water definitely (even your regular swimwear does) but it wrings out very well and dries quickly. Plus it's not heavy when it's wet. TEN THUMBS UP 👍🏻

Plus my supplier is willing to reduce the price if I get more sets so from 22 it's now 17.50! Go go get it! Available in black red and grey for now cos idk what other colours you all want!

This is how it looks like when wet and hung up to dry. Not much difference. AND SUPER COMFY. OMG.

The main point is how comfy it is. It's so soft and not heavy and super tight like your regular swimsuits. 😍😍😍😍 #ourbraletteclub #dayrebraletteclub

Here's another ungratuitous picture of me in the swimsuit. Posing awkwardly. Fulfilling my calling as an awkward duckling. 🐥


Anyway! If you liked the free sized bralettes, the equivalent size on the rest of the sized bras is 34-36!

So I'll be bringing in most of them in this sizes! 🙂

Velvet bralettes and newish lace designs will be postponed. ☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️

My supplier just played me out. She says that the bras are being hand made right now so can't deliver by tomorrow which was the original date promised ☹️️☹️️☹️️

Lucky for me, I have a friend going to BKK and will bring them back for me. If you girls don't mind waiting can make orders! Or check with me which will be delayed k!

Have you guys tried this! It's like a crispy crepe with coconut cream and Foithong (salted egg candy). So gooooood and cheap.

Plus this one had sesame seeds sprinkled on it so it was extra good. 😋😋

LUNCH AT INTER. It's so so so good. We ordered so much food cos we were both so hungry.

The super mix papaya salad was to die for. The pad thai and oyster omelette was amazing as usual and the Tom yam especially creamy. Me love. ❤️

We're having jap buffet for dinner! This restaurant has been perpetually crowded since we passed by at lunch time so we decided to try!

It is on offer so 499 instead of 799! their menu is limited but the quality seems super good! There's fatty tuna and fatty salmon! 😋

#bkk #dayretravels #dayrefatties

So…much…salmon!!! 🐟

Anyway just to update! The velvet set will be available in 4 colours! Black, plus the 3 circled, which are Olive Green, Grey and Red! 🎉

#dayrebraletteclub #ourbraletteclub

2nd round! Fml man we were so full! And I don't even rly like sashimi.

Daniel ate so much. I'm surprised he is still alive HAHAHAH.

Hehe say full but now eating banana banana at the movie complex opposite Siam discovery. 😂

Is it must eat until explode then shiok?

Shioooook. Daniel the fatty was damn full so I ate almost everything. 😩

But no regrets very yummy haha. The fried banana is nicer than the mummy banana. But! The mummy one stays crispy for longer!

Hello from us! The octopod is really the best invention ever.

Daniel stepped on a sharp object while we were walking just now ☹️️☹️️

I initially thought it didn't puncture his skin but then he started bleeding. SO POOR THING ☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️

I wanted to bring him to get a tetanus jab but there weren't any nails or metal stuff on the road when we went back to search and it didn't puncture his slipper so we concluded that it probably was a stone that went between his foot and slipper.


I'm having a small box of vegetarian basil chicken rice for supper.

It's quite nice and is from the frozen section of 7-11. Thinking of pulling of an @exiralc and bringing back boxes of these for freezing. 😂😂

I found the original long Lace bralettes! The ones without the extra straps in front. I wonder if anyone wants it…

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