Good Morning!

Aiyo after yesterday night's rambles. All you bralette babies left me comments and messages in shopee. 😭❤️️

No need to keep saying thanks k! Most important thing is…you guys get me. And that is worth all the effort! 🎉


Remember this? I posted it on @braintango:040117 and you girls said you liked it.

So I found someone willing to bring these back for me. I'll order it as soon as I have enough orders! ❤️️

Idk what is with me and grey bras. I just LOVE. I think black is more functional because people are so used to seeing black straps. But grey bras with black straps are like the perfect combination.

All the bralettes I'll be posting today come with a gold clasp!


Some of you requested for this! The gold clasp at the back and extra strap really makes quite a difference hor.

I quite like it! Especially since navy is one of my favourite colours 😍


Comes with gold clasps! Also, how cute are the two tiny ribbons??? 💓💓

My flight was delayed plus I lost my laptop 😩😩😩

But bad news aside we're starting to unpack now and will keep you all updated!

I'll also post some more designs in case there is demand so my friend can bring them back 😅

We're packing like siao ding dongs. 😂😂

Pls say hi to @chenshiqi and @boshifang and @thenniel who are your little bralette elves. 😍


Sorry ah no time to do flatlay so I post up the designs first.

I'm not a huge fan of pink and purples but I know some girls are!

This is so whimsical and reminds me of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in wonderland 🙂


This is similar to the golden delicious!

So if you didn't manage to get that maybe you can get this instead!

Anyway guys! Remember I told you all that I have a friend going to BKK?

He went to the airport to help me comb through the lost and found!!! And FOUND ALL MY LOST STUFF 😭😭😭

Idk what I did to deserve such amazing friends. The ones slogging beside me right now and the ones who watch over me even while they're on holiday.

And of course, thank you girls for asking and wishing me luck in finding my laptop! 🤗

The time now is 2:07AM

And I'm finally showered after my flight and lying on my bed. It feels good to be home man!

I've been packing non stop after landing but OMG I only made a small dent into the mountain of bras haha. 😂

I'm so sorry if I promised you guys I'll have them mailed out today. I'm gonna buy stamps and mail the first batch out tomorrow!!

I was driving @boshifang home when one of my favourite songs started playing on the radio and a huge (albeit crescent moon) came into view.

At that point in time, I thought to myself, even if I'm really really tired and have so much more to do, it really doesn't ever feel bad when you're doing something you love with the people you love. 😊

Every day, through this little bralette adventure, I'm reminded that there is so much goodness in this world.

Even my very cute mother in law came out to help us with the cutting of address labels and packing.

I am blessed! And I feel that the universe is trying to remind me everyday that I am surrounded by amazing people who manage to make all my shitty situations much much better.

Anyway! Forgot to let you guys know that this batch of gold clasp designs come in a free size which is the usual super stretchy size and a larger size that fits 40-45D/E girls.

If you're a bigger girl and are looking for cute bralettes, just drop me a text on Shopee!

All the products for the gold clasp gang are up now! ❤️️❤️️

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