Good morning!

I was late for my first day of work. Thankfully, everyone I'm supposed to meet is considerably later than me haha.

The CBD traffic suck balls. I couldn't even find the building I purchased season so parking for. So I just parked by the roadside, and tore some coupons. ☹️️☹️️

What a rough start 😑

Anyway, I wore The Black Pearl out today 🙈 It arrived last night but thanks to the thin material, it dried this morning haha.

I loveeee it. I initially thought I wouldn't like the bows and the black lace cos it looked abit like pastel grunge but holy! It's cute!!

And comfy. 💪🏻

Work has been insane! Just had lunch and 🎉🎉🎉 half the day is gone.

My company is using slack as a communications platform. And guess which photo I'm using for my profile pic?

I have a lover affair with Kale HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Why I chose this photo, I don't know.

Remember the bralettes I posted on @braintango:060117 ?

Daniel did flatlays for them! These are actual photos cos we received the bralettes last night 😍


There are sizes for these bralettes now and I am personally more comfy in the L/XL size although I can fit he S/M.

Feel free to chat w me on Shopee k. I will help you with sizes, cups or anything else haha.


This is nicer in real life than in the pic I feel! The lace feels really light and looks really dainty.


omg this one took me by surprise. I initially thought the colour was lighter, but the darker tone is actually much nicer 😍😍


This is awesome! The unique front Y design is so cool! It's like wearing body straps but secretly not wearing it haha.

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