Hi guys! I wasn't late for work today so that's a good thing haha.

I've been wanting to post this for awhile so I'm going to ask if you girls think there's a better platform for me to continue selling the bralettes since there's been quite a lot of problems encountered ever since we started using Shopee.

What's the trouble now?

So now that I'm trying to be more mindful of orders and payment to ensure that I don't shortchange anyone, it is very important that I can change orders after they have been placed.

Cos a lot of the bigger sellers out there don't allow customers to edit their orders after they've been placed, but I don't wanna do that. Simply because…not right la. Just because it's difficult for you doesn't mean you can just say no right?

Shopee doesn't allow me to do that right now, which is why every time you girls want to change your order, I have to ask for you guys to cancel and make a new payment. This is so that in the backend, my order spreadsheet and stock remaining is updated.

Otherwise when I print out the label to stick on the envelope, we will just print your original order instead. Which is a huge no no.

What we've been doing now is manually taking down notes of who wants to change what and then cross referencing when we pack the bralettes. This means a lot of time wasted. And also because I have the brain of a goldfish, I sometimes forget about your changes, which is why I have to apologize multiple times.

Sorry! Thanks for putting up with my and my ditzy brain.

Cancelling Orders

This Shopee is also very annoying in the sense that if you girls don't make the bank transfer within 3 days, your order is automatically cancelled. This protects me as a seller, but it can be very very annoying especially when the buyer is really sincere about making a purchase.

Plus, if I don't ship out my orders within a certain amount of time, they also cancel my orders even though the buyer is ok with waiting. HELLO SHOPEE y u liddis.

This is the worst case scenario because not only is it annoying to place another order, some of you actually used discount codes when checking out and OMG SHOPEE doesn't allow you girls to use it again.

Which means you now have to pay $5-$7 extra for the same order because Shopee is mean. You also can't request for Shopee to generate another code for you because they will say it is my fault. (true also la)

So for now, if orders are cancelled, I accept payment via fund trasnfer.

But this also means that I have to be very very meticulous and remember to ship the items out even though it isn't on my list of "TO-SHIP" items. #annoying #dayrebraletteclub #smallbusiness #ourbraletteclub

I sometimes forget so please remind me ok! I don't mind you guys spamming me. Don't worry.

No CRM (customer relationship management)

I think almost 90% of you girls ask me for advice before making a purchase. For example, whether the bralette is padded, what size you should get or whether you should even wear a bralette.

These kind of information I would love to be able to make notes somewhere so the next time I talk to you again, I don't have to read through our old conversations or ask you your bra size again.

But I also can't do this on Shopee la which is super annoying.

Creating a website or staying put?

I've had experience creating e-commerce websites, but truth is sometimes you need a platform like Shopee to '"guarantee" that the seller and buyer both keep up their end of the bargain.

I'm also thankful that Shopee doesn't charge me a processing fee even if you girls use credit cards to make purchase and even gives you guys voucher codes for shopping!

Plus, it really is one of the best ecommerce platforms in Singapore already but somehow it just isn't comprehensive enough as of yet.

I super want to have the flexibility of the sellers on #taobao! Sometimes they can change the shipping price or product price or even help you place an order before asking you to complete it!

That's the kind of flexibility I want to offer to my buyers which is why I have pretty high standards for the platform I choose.

Ok enough of business stuff haha. EH THIS CROCHET DESIGN IS QUITE NICE!

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