Hello from the office everyone!!!

Haha no eyeliner today cos I slept at 2 and also because…I'm lazy 😂😂

Can you tell what bralette I'm wearing today. The front straps are peeking out so cute!

It's not the midi btw. It's like a new standard lace design that comes with the front straps and a band that's covered by fabric. 🎉🎉

I know everyone has been asking for new bralette designs! I will be updating them this Friday and will be posting photos of them on Dayre #dayrebraletteclub #ourbraletteclub

Anyway I wanted to say that…the entire CNY collection died because my manufacturer in Bangkok (new one) decided to sell the stocks I placed orders for to some other person just because they paid more and paid earlier. ☹️️☹️️☹️️😡😡

I feel so bad to everyone who ordered, but I've already informed everyone personally. If you ordered and I haven't contacted you, let me know!!!

Sorry again…working with these new people over text is really hard sometimes 😟

What my life is like now

It's been 2 days since I started work and I've been trying really hard to balance #ourbraletteclub and working life.

@thenniel has been super great at packing and mailing so that's so cool but I go home after work every night, have dinner and then start counting parcels and making sure orders are met.

We start after dinner at about 8 and work till 1-2am!! I always complain about being tired la but honestly, I super love doing it so I can't stop 😳😳

What the packing situation looks like 😱😅😅 With more bralettes on the floor haha.

I know a lot of you have issues with the bralettes (like damaged stuff or missing stuff) and I always try my best to just send out a replacement if I have extras because I guess the main goal is to build a relationship with you all la. Money is secondary. In fact I haven't received money from Shopee yet cos the money is only released when you guys click received parcel. SO PLS CLICK WHEN RECEIVED! 🙏🏻

But yes! Please be patient with us if I take too long to reply your queries or missing mail requests. 🙈🙈

Most of the time I remember and am trying to find a way to send out a bralette to you without having to incur too much extra cost myself. So thank you all for being INCREDIBLY patient and super kind.

I don't know how many times I've held on to my phone and feeling like my heart is exploding cos all of you are sooooooo nice. 😗😗😗

We're aiming to get better and better at handling orders and still being able to exercise flexibility.

But I also relying on you girls to let me know when I forget something k haha. My brain is like a sieve. 😂

I've been seeing this design everywhere on Pinterest! It's like the floral nipple but like the more sophisticated version?

Idk what I'm saying haha. How can all these nipple bralettes look so similar yet so different!

Anyway, there's a possibility that I'm bringing this in in Maroon and Grey! 😍😍😍 I'm so excited to share photos of the actual piece when I confirm the shipment. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

Btw you guys have been asking me how big boob girls wear bralettes HAHA.

This picture shows how I feel exactly. You can't expect the same kind of support and "containment" a normal bra gives you from a bralette. But the perks of a bralette is that IT'S SO COMFY AND SOFT and doesn't make your boobs look damn big and hard and like artificially round like a padded wired bra does.

See the little side boob? That's me when I wear bralettes HAHA. So cute tho!

Photos from the manufacturer making me hyperventilate 😱😱😱😱

These also seem really popular on Pinterest. I'm not super fond of the halter design, but I think it really looks quite nice.

I can bring this in! But probably in different colours (army green?) it's very old school if you wear this then wear a spaghetti strap and the lace shows.

Like circa Paris Hilton? 😂

I'm gonna post some of the new designs on Shopee first, but if you wanna buy, pls chat with me so I can offer you a price!

The reason for this is because I wanna manage the stocks properly and I don't wanna let anyone down. 😭😭

This @cakez received her bralettes and they look so good in her photos! You girls can go check it out if you wanna see more reviews/real photos.


THIS IS UP GUYS! hahah it's listed for like 999 million but if you wanna buy just offer me $24! 😍

If by Friday night these aren't sold I will release the stock! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Also in green

And black

Thanks for banning my product Shopee. ☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️ Hahaha. I got banned for spam pricing so now I've edited the price and waiting for it to go live again.



Existing users can take $3 off $10 with the code brain3jan and new users take $5 off $15 with the code brain5jan. Valid for Jan till Feb!! 😊 🎉🎉

Thanks ah Shopee. HAHAHAH did you hear me complain? 😅😅🙈

The standard halter is also up! In Grey, Navy and Black! At $8!


You girls are the cutest leh hahaha. I can't stop replying chats cos everyone is so hilarious and cute 😂😂😂

Anyway! Most of the colours and sizes are back up cos I did a mini restock of the FLORAL WONDERLAND. I'll also try to restock the halter tomorrow 💪🏻

Are we really becoming a thing now? 😭😭😍😍


You know why we can wear bralettes? Cos this club is so full of support, our boobs don't need wires. 😅😅 #imakelamejokes

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