Good morning guys! While the folks in CBD are in skirts and fancy clothes, I'm in my hobo pants and slippers 😂 #madeforheartland

Only day 4 of work and I've caved and turned back to my comfy slippers. I used to work in an office with barefeet culture so I'm damn used to wearing slippers hahah.

There was once I wore until DAMN nice for a date in town but instinctively wore slippers out instead. HAHA damn paisehhhhh. 😱😱😱

Btw! If you need pasties, I have them in the shop now hahha.

Uh this one is disposable not the silicone type. They say it's for one time use. But if you're me……or if you're trying to save the environment….or just wanna be cheap….you can….you know….secretly use it one (or more) times????



Btw it's going for 88 cents for the round one and 98 cents for the flower one. Cos uh I am superstitious and I like the number 8! Hehehe. #oldsoul

Halter is back up in Black and Grey! And Pink 😱

Just got home after some OT, dinner and sending my brother home. 😴😴😴

I'm so tired! But I'm looking forward to seeing all the reviews of the bralettes 😍

Anyway! This will be going up soon! I ordered one for myself already!

Bodysuits are the bomb. They are quite useless functionally but are SUPER PRETTY to look at. Plus you'll never know when you need them HAHAHAHA.

I bought a bodysuit like 3 years ago when it was on sale and it cost me $109 😑 I think I only wore it once cos it was white lace with nude fabric so like wedding kind.

I just kept it and looked at it. UNTIL ONE DAY….

I ordered my wedding dress and they screwed up the top that was supposed to be like a body suit.

I was trying to find a bodysuit that matched but I couldn't find any. THEN LO AND BEHOLD I DUG OUT MY OLD BODYSUIT AND OMG IT FITTTTTTT. I was damn happy and convinced that the universe was preparing me for my wedding 3/4 years ago. 🎉🎉🎉

That's uh my story about bodysuits. I have a lot of bodysuits btw. LOL. I'm attracted to them.

This one comes with the buttons at the bottom so you can pee with ease. 💪🏻

My white one didn't come with this so I didn't pee for the entire of my solemnisation lunch. 🙂 <—- this is the face of someone who has resigned to their fate.

UMPH. This @pretzelove looks so good in the blue midi. 😍

Check out her detailed review here! @pretzelove:120117


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