Good morning. This is me! Time is kkkkuli

Can someone help me decipher this message from my manufacturer 😂

I already paid her a deposit so I really hope everything comes 😂

For those who didn't like the bodysuit, this set is up on Dayre!

There's super limited stock for this tho cos I think it's leftover from the previous production.


Btw, haha to cut cost I'm making envelopes out of recycled notes LOL.

But they go into another plastic kind of baggy la!! 😂😂

Just updated this on Shopee! I actually bought this on my second trip but never got a chance to upload cos we were so swamped.

This is like the boho and fluffy's love child. 😍

This new floral design is also up! Comes with a gold front hook! #ourbraletteclub

For those who wanted Navy, this one is damnnnn gorgeous.

I like how it isn't the usual lacy design!

And a super interesting turquoise colour! 😍

Anyway, I'm always happy to read the #ourbraletteclub posts by you girls! Haha the current best description is always to hear how soft the lace is. 😍

That's something I can't show you guys in pictures so I'm happy to know that you guys like the softened too!

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