It's the 15th already and I've been chasing the velvet manufacturer non stop but she's totally not replying.

How come people can be so irresponsible one ah!!!!! ☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️

Sigh. I'm really hoping she doesn't just take off with the money and leave me with empty promises 😰

We are so close to booking a flight and having @thenniel fly there for a day so that we can sort this shit out 😭

On another note, we've been very diligently clearing orders and receiving news that you girls have successfully received the parcels is like the sunshine on our gloomy day. ☀️ #thankyou

Bralettes affected by this batch delay:

1. Sakura Lace
2. Velvet Strappy
3. Velvet Lace
4. Velvet High Waist Set
5. Thick band Floral Nipple
6. Floral Wreath
7. Boho
8. Velvet Swimsuit
9. Palm Lace Midi & Double band
10. Velvet Y

Sorry! If you don't want to wait anymore pls let me know on Shopee! 🙈 I'll keep you guys updated as soon as I have news. ☹️️☹️️☹️️

Again, super sorry!!!

My spare bedroom is now converted into a mini office/factory space. 😂😂😂

Husband Ng is damn cute and actually wrote #ourbraletteclub HQ while I was at work. He also set up this office space!! 100 points for you husband ng!

We are so bad with logistics that it took us so long to realise how to make things work better.

Now that the parcels are arranged alphabetically, it's easier for me to find your parcels now when you wanna combine orders or make changes!! Yay!

Anyway, one of you girls from the original BKK 代购s emailed me today and let me know that she loves the bralettes and was initially paiseh to comment on a stranger's Dayre to have them buy bras back but regrets nothing now.

Aww. Really gives me a chance to look back and be like 😌😌😌😌 Haha. Where would we be if not for all the original girls!! ❤️

Some of you still come and talk to me on Shopee. Even if you don't buy anything. Which is super cute and nice of you guys!

I realised that a lot of you girls don't really check Shopee actively but are looking out for the restocks of standard midi and some of the more popular and classic bralette designs.

I think I might open up a mailing list so I can drop you guys a message once the bralette restocks come in. How? Want to receive spam mail from me? 😂😂😂

Will probably set up a google doc tmr haha. 😌

Btw, still no news from the velvet manufacturer. I'm losing faith and mentally preparing myself for all the orders I will need to refund. 😞😞

Funny how I am least worried about the deposit I paid and more about the orders. But I guess since this wasn't really a business in the beginning, I'm most afraid of disappointing others. 😟

Such a wordy post for Sunday night! 😜 Anyway, another shoutout. If I owe you a refund, a replacement or a small talk, let me know pls!

I don't mind being chased so it's find. Come and chat w me HAHAHAHA.

Update! The manufacturer replied!

But she pushed the mailing date back to the 20th. PLZZ LADY DON'T DELAY ANYMORE. 😭😭😭

Daniel and I have decided that we will mail out all the stock we have currently for the orders pending. Meaning if you ordered something from the velvet lady and smth we have in stock, we will send out whatever we can first. No extra shipping costs will be charged to you girls.

The thing is, you gotta give us some time to process k 😂😂 cos printing the labels and repacking might kill us. 😅😅😅

But we will try!

If you don't mind waiting, you can let us know! If you mind waiting or prefer receiving half first, also let us know ok! 😅


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