I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask you guys to sign up for our mailing list cos I keep saying I'll get back to you girls when the restocks/new designs go up but there are really too many to individually message now. 😂😂

Having a mailing list will allow all of you to receive updates! Besides reading my Dayre of course. 😛

We'll be bringing in new designs like this!

The caged bottom and embroidered cups are so cute! Plus this is probably the first full embroidered piece we will be bringing in. 😍

No clasps=no worry! Haha. If the bralette comes without hooks but a plastic or metal clasp right I can never clasp it properly. I must fasten the bra in the front then twist it to the back. 😂

My hands just have no logic.

I'll also be taking the chance to accept preorders for unlined balconette bralettes through then subscriber list!

Cos I don't wanna hold too many sizes for the wired bras. 😂 But then this is seriously too cute to pass up.

I don't rly like underwire bras but they are like my second fav after bralettes. PADDED & UNDERWIRE BRAS ARE THE BANE OF MY LIFE. 😢😢 They make me look like a cow. 😂


The back straps are to die for 😭

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