HELLO! Time really flies. I thought it was only 9am when I was packing stuff and now it's 4pm 😱

I took a little break today and went to Daniel's place for reunion lunch with his Father's side and it was a pretty good lunch 😋😋

My brows are seriously going insane hahaha. Pls don't judge me. 🙈

Oh anyway! I wanted to let you guys know that I'll probably be sending out another email this evening to deal with the nipple stickers (I'm replacing all the old stickers I sent out cos I just realised that the supplier gave me a shit quality one so I'm sending out replacements to everyone who bought it) and the palm lace midi 😔

Remember I mentioned that the seller used the wrong cloth to make the midi?

I'm not going to ask her to replace it because god knows how long it will take for her to make new ones. So I'll be sending out the palm lace midi to everyone that ordered. But if you're not happy with it, let me know and I'll issue a full refund. 😣 sorrryyyy!

On a happier note! I'll also be putting up the preorder for the balconette bralettes as part of a Valentine's Day preorder!!!

Vday comes with CNY this year so I thought I'd better post stuff up early. 🤓

If you're not already on the mailing list…well now you better be! 😜

The link is here >> http://goo.gl/MkLLBT

The sets will be going for $28-$33. Slightly more expensive cos these come with underwire and are more difficult to construct. 😱 But they are beautiful as heck! 😍

Before launching the Valentine's Day collection, I actually had quite abit to think about. Lingerie, men and Valentine's Day. And the misconception that wearing pretty lingerie for men to look at sets feminism back 100 years. Here's actually what I think about this issue…

Wearing lingerie for men to look at is actually making me stronger

Some people think that wearing lingerie for men objectifies women. Because you know, you're just making yourself pretty so men will like it/appreciate it.

But how I think about it is that I am wearing this beautiful lingerie and I WANT my man to look at me. I want him to appreciate me and my body because I KNOW I AM BEAUTIFUL. And this act in itself makes me so much more confident and strong.

It doesn't matter if after you put on the lingerie, you're shy or coy or whatever it is. What matters is that you know that wearing this lingerie makes you feel GODDAMN gorgeous and it will make your man lose his mind.

That in itself is so empowering leh. You know that you have a power over someone and you know you are beautiful enough to elicit that kind of response.

Don't let your man tell you you are not beautiful

But then again if you're wearing lingerie for your man and he doesn't appreciate it. LOL JUST WALK AWAY.

Dude, if you don't appreciate it, guess what, girls like looking at girls too. Why do you think VS angels are so popular. Definitely not because a few men like looking at them. IT'S BECAUSE AS WOMEN, WE LOVE LOOKING AT OTHER WOMEN TOO.

So if your man dares to ignore you, haha come to Dayre. #ourbraletteclub will appreciate you ❤️❤️❤️

We have each other's backs

I think what's so awesome about #ourbraletteclub is that we're so open about our bodies and accepting of each other.

And that's awesome! No matter your boob size or whether you are pear shape apple shape banana shape, it's coool!

That kind of support is so important in a world where people judge each other everyday. And I guess that's what I envision #OBC to be.

The kind of body positivity shown on review posts and comments always make me ❤️

So if you're thinking of gifting the gift of your hotness this Valentine's Day, remember that you are beautiful! And that it is ok to want to share this gift.

Maybe that's why I always post pictures of my boobs 😂😂😂

I mean Daniel's boobs.

What's in the valentine collection!

This baby will definitely be in the collection

Am drafting the EDM right now! And am so excited.

The meshed details brings a bit of coolness in this sexy number leh I feel. HAHAHA the black set exudes sexiness but then white set looks so demure and pure???

IS IT JUST ME? Super love the lace details on the back straps also!! 😍😍😍

But besides that holy shit. How gorgeous is this set!!!!

The dark red and the choker are like to die for. And I super love the extra strap around the waist. Dies. 😱😱😱😱😱😱

There's also a wireless design for those who like non wired stuff!

The eyelash design ( @angieishikawa ) is damn cute! And the design at the nipple is gorgeous.

Omigah. I personally prefer thicker bands because I feel that they give me more support.

Super loves 😍😍😍 also the little baby lace details on the side of the cups ❤️️


Also omg check out that strap that's just so sexxxx!

Just sent out a new emailer!!!!!!!

With details for the new preorder! Hehe.

I'm not sure if the stuff will reach by Vday because sellers are DAMN volatile. But I will try my best. If you're in a hurry, please buy the in stocks! 🙈🙈

The sets are marked as sold out cos they are not up yet!!!



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