This is me on a rainy Monday morning.

The sleepy feels are really just too strong!!!!! 😭 Plus there's a massive jam on the highway right now. Lucky my brother is driving me to work (we work opposite each other).

My eyes are fluttering shut soon. *megayawn*

Husband Ng just sent me this pic LOLOLOL.

Check out this insane mailing madness. We used to use a basket but now he's using a super huge duffel bag 😂😂😂


Btw remember the FAQ question I posted about boobs sagging in bralettes?

Well, I've found statistics to show that DAYUM GIRL bras with support make your boobs sag faster.

Refinery 29 previously write a kickass article on this (which you can read here > < ).

If you're lazy to read, I'll be posting a summary later so hang on k!!

But aiya people will believe what they choose to believe. I'm sure all the megahuge bra companies out there will have you believe that bras are good for you. So…just do whatever you like! What matters is that you feel good. ✌🏻️

Okok I'm back!! And ready to talk about why your boobs need bralettes. And why we are all part of #ourbraletteclub's #ourbraletterevolution!

So apparently your boobs are held up to your chest by "suspension" muscles and they work with Cooper's ligaments.

But like any muscles in your body, you need to work it. If you wear padded/underwire bras all the time then they don't get to work and they become all limp and saggy.

I guess ideally you shouldn't wear a bra but then I think that's quite extreme. Bralettes are ok la I feel cos it's almost like wearing clothes? HAHAHAHA.

Apparently wearing bras for extended periods of time are bad for your breast tissue and makes your boobs less plump and perky. 😂

Something to do with blood circulation cos your bras are usually tight and hot and hard with the underwire. I think I'm at high risk because I like my bralettes tight.

But ok la bralettes are very thin and comfy! So I guess not so bad 🙂 in fact people who didn't wear bras experienced 0.3 inch nipple lift compared to bra wearing people.

Another reason for saggy boobs is because as girls, we start wearing bras from too young an age. Apparently that prevents our boobs from developing the muscles required to defy gravity.

I've always had horrible memories of my first bra because I remember it being damn ugly (and white with no lace) and damn uncomfortable. I wish someone had gifted me bralettes when I was starting out because they are SO BEAUTIFUL and soft.

That being said, pls wear a sports bra when exercising cos for sure the bouncing will make your boobs sag if you don't hold hem in place. But if you're like me and are a couch potato, then just whatever HAHAH. 😂😂

OMG 1130PM already hahaha.

I've been sitting here and packing bras since 830PM 😅😅

BUT I WANTED TO SHARE MY #braletteoftheday #BOTD before the day ends. @angieishikawa also just sent me a pic of her in her bralette at home so I need to post mine also. #hiaopoh


Is it my confidence level is sky high? Anyway this is one of the samples of a new design AND I AM GONNA BRING THIS IN FOSURE. It's not your usual cotton material. Like swimsuit but super thin and very very cooling.

It's also available in BLUSH! 😍

I can't believe that my dream is coming true and that #ourbraletteclub community is slowly growing. 😭😭

Thank you for being part of our bralette revolution!

I promise to bring in more #goodiesforboobies !

(Legit considering this for our tag line. Credits go to @chenshiqi for this amazing rhyme 💯💯👏🏻)

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