Good morning! I'm melting into my office chair 😂😂😂

Today's #BOTD #braletteoftheday is standard lace blue. I keep looking at the photos until I DAMN gian to wear.

I forgot how comfy it was 😨😨

About the people behind #OBC…

A lot of you are pretty amazed by how Husband Ng and I run this little business by ourselves especially since I actually have a full time job.

Well, we've been having help from a lot of people along the way and when that is added to the patience and understanding you girls have, we make this little business work in our own little unique way. 🌝

First off, there's Husband Ng…

This is him being a baby charmer. 😍

Husband Ng just graduated from University so he's helping out with this while he's on his break. ✌🏻️ He always says this is back breaking work and not so much of a break but LOVE TRIUMPHS hahaha. Or more of like I just keep ordering him around.

What Husband Ng does on a daily basis:

1. Handle urgent orders or special requests

Whenever you girls place an order and want to change something or make a special request (no labels, discreet packaging, pay via bank transfer), we put all these up on a shared doc and handle it the first thing the next morning. Mostly, Husband Ng is the one that has to manually search for your order in Shopee and then pack it differently first so we don't forget. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Everything is done quite manually cos Shopee doesn't come with many integrations so sometimes we might forget or do something wrongly so your patience is really really really appreciated by us and there are so many times that we look at each other and go…lucky we have super nice buyers. 😍 <—- literal heart eyes when we say that.

2. Pack orders

Besides that, he also packs all your orders individually, which means that he touches more bras than most women would in a lifetime 😭😂

Packing is seriously back breaking work. Some more if you're not familiar with the designs it's super easy to pack wrongly!

Plus need to seal and stuff. Before we used polymailers it was SO BAD. 😂😂 I was folding envelopes like a mad man.

2. Restock stuff

We have a phobia of overselling products cos one of the WORST feelings is to tell someone who happily carted out a design, that you don't have enough stock. So we religiously count all the pieces almost every night and release products in small batches.

When I'm at work, Husband Ng counts and uploads them hehe. Without announcing anything. Which is why @chlowee called the restock a sneaky restock 😂😂

3. He prints all your address labels

We recently bought a thermal printer cos if we have to hand write all the addresses we will go mad. The printer was actually quite cheap from Taobao. Haha. 😂 still sticking to my queen of taobao title.

It has been a total LIFESAVER!

4. QC stuff

He also QCs all your stuff cos compared to me he is damn 细心. Haha. And he does a lot of the packing so he always helps you girls check if the bralettes are ok…if the white bralettes are clean and it stained. Etc la. So if you receive awesome bralettes. You need to thank this man LOL

5. He mails stuff out…

Oops forgot to add that he also lugs all the parcels to the post box and posts them out. Sometimes twice a day hahaha.

We're forever trying to catch Postman Pat before he collects the mail at 5pm haha.

Then there's Best Friend Chen…

This is best friend Chen. Her job scope includes helping to pack stuff on weekends and setting tech processes.

She studies Info Systems so I assume she's very smart. 😅 in the photo she's very pleased with herself cos she's packing parcels hahaha.

We usually start at noon on weekends and only end at 1-2am where we head out for supper. I actually quite enjoy the weekends (not sure about her) because I get to spend time with my friends ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

You can follow her @chenshiqi ! She's a make up junkie and she's almost literally my twin. We're so alike it scares me sometimes. 😅😅

She's also the one that came up with the tag line "GOODIES FOR BOOBIES" which I'm just gonna use as my own 🌝

She also helps me with some backend stuff like cataloging products and giving me unlimited encouragement wooohoo!!

And Best Friend Bo…

You will soon come to realise that I only have that many friends. 😂😂😂

Boshi (@boshifang) became my friend out of convenience! Haha he moved to live opposite me in Sec 3 when we were classmates and my mother used to ferry him and me to school together every morning.

Not sure why but after that we became quite close and my mum also likes him a lot. 😂😂 I think it's because he's really round like Kungfu Panda. 😱

Here he is in his natural habitat, surrounded by the fruit he loves the most. HAHAHA.

He's damn funny. And always helps with packing. But he always gets grumpy while packing and his most notable quote is "I did not leave China and attend university just to come work in your factory".

LOL sorry bo….😂

Update: Boshi would like to clarify that what he actually said is…"If I wanted to work in a factory I would have stayed in China."


Introducing Brother Chow

We are twins born 6 years apart hahaha. So sad he has been bullied by me since the day I was born.

My mum says he used to make her milo when she was pregnant with me. Except he would say that it was for his baby sister and not her 😂😂😂😂 #thanksbro

The best thing about working in CBD is that my office is opposite his and we have lunch together so often. ✌🏻️

He recently become a daddy but still comes to help out in packing. And also in financial planning! Haha.

He works in the finance industry so it's always nice to have someone watch out for you since we don't price our stuff very high. It's very easy to forget about additional costs like packaging and mailing so he always watches out for us like a hawk.

My dream is to one day earn enough through this little business so my whole family can work together and spend time together!! And my brother can stop working for other people and start working for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Woops! I got distracted. Went to collect some pineapple tarts from @exiralc ❤️ SHE BAKES YUMMY COOKIES AND SNACKS SO YOU CAN GO SUPPORT HER! ✌🏻️🌝


Aha thank my brother means I have to thank his wife also right? 🙈

She just gave birth to my nephew but she looks even more in shape than me wtf. 😕😕😕 I must be ashamed of myself haha.

She's my comfort level assessor! Cos being mummies, boob comfort is like super important. 💪🏻💪🏻

She's on Dayre too! @mrschow_yiiyin and she'll post up pics of the bralette + her review soon. #dayremummies who wanna know if bralettes are suitable for you can wait to read it!

@ajarminded and I were just chatting about mummies and boobies and babies the other day. 😂

This is how she looked like 8 months pregnant 😨😨😨

Machiam only belly became fat everything else is like the same. #goodgenes

And this is how she looked like at baby's first month……………………..

Ok bye. If I look like that 1 month after giving birth, I will confirm wait for those mummy slimming companies to come find me and be model. 😂

Uh, everybody do everything liao. Then Chow you do what.


No la. Generally my day starts at 7-8am where I open the app and start replying chats…….and I don't stop until I sleep at 1-2am LOL I got a lot of saliva. Keep talking non stop.

At the office I can't do much la so I generate the order list from yesterday and format it for Daniel to print out. 😂

When I reach home, we pack like mad monkeys together. And count stock and restock.

A huge part of my time goes to looking for new designs and communicating with the manufacturers to ensure that the stuff are well made. Checking reviews, checking price, negotiating, renegotiating and then getting an estimate time of shipment.

I also scold sellers when they anyhow sell me stuff that break and when they don't deliver on time (Hello velvet lady, talking about you)

Then I post on Dayre (cos too much saliva) and read all of your bra posts woop!

And more la. I'm always thinking about bralettes and how to make everything better and more efficient.

Like for example how to sell to Malaysia cos Shopee MY is a pain in my ass and doesn't wanna let me set up an account. Their help desk is also a POS (piece of 💩 ) cos they closed my ticket with the reply that "Shopee MY is only for sales within Malaysia" WALAO DON'T BLUFF ME LA GOT DROP SHIPPING LEH!!!

😭😭 Shopee like don't like me very much.

I digressed.

Ya so I have to think about whether it's better if I set up or whether I should stay on Shopee. How to make the website kickass before I move and how to make sure I still get to provide the same quality service to you girls.

So Daniel uses physical power I use eye power and brain power LOL.

Turning back time to add on to this post 😂 Cos I also need to thank my mummy and my mummy and daddy in law who are sweethearts that always offer help and give me support in the most awesome way.

Fun fact. @angieishikawa and I were chatting till 130am but I didn't realize cos I set my time backwards to edit this post. It was only 12am on my phone. 😂😂

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