To be honest, I feel like I got ran over by a train. 😂😂

But I still wake up every morning answering chats and feeling like my brain is exploding with ideas. Is this how it feels like to be in love??

Kidding. Jokes aside, I'm super duper excited to be working on so many potential ideas for #obc #ourbraletteclub that sometimes I just sit down and stare blankly cos my brain is in overdrive 😂😂😂

Shopee x Shopback (SAVE MORE 💰)

I wanted to post this a few days back but super duperly busy until I forgot 😔😔

But you can get cash back from Shopback when you shop on Shopee!

Up to 12% for new customers so you can use that…on top of the discount code given by Shopee! Which means the bralette you buy is almost free alr 😂

You can use my referral code to join shopee here!

I don't know how much money I get from each referral but it's ok! You don't have to use it also. Just go save money for yourself!

Pre-orders VS In-stocks?

Anyway! I also wanted to get all of your opinion on Pre-orders VS in stocks.

Cos we run a really tiny business now so sometimes we don't have the capacity to take in too much stock for the bralettes. That becomes a problem cos usually the sizes vary from XS to XL or in regular bra sizes (32A, 34C etc) and because of our limitations we can only bring in the most popular sizes if we order before hand and sell it as instocks.

But this means that when I release the design, a lot of you are disappointed cos maybe only 1 or 2 pieces per size or don't even have your size.

But then leh…when I do pre-orders, I find it difficult to promise a date because I'm not the one producing the bralettes and I don't know what can go wrong on the manufacturer side. (Like a gust of wind blows all the bralettes into the river).

Pre-order also means you girls have to wait. And waiting is just painful 😔 so let me know what you think!

This is the perfect example of customer driven business decisions. Thank god for internships and full time jobs that allow you to learn from their mistakes and make your business ethics better 😂

Um girls. Shopee is running a sale on my products (I also got contribute my lowering the price la) so if you're looking to try a bralette. Now is the best time!??????

$3.90. I'm not sure how much cheaper it can ever get 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


I was damn shocked when someone told me my bralettes are 3.90 cos. BITCH I DID NOT AGREE TO THAT HAHAH.

I almost had a mild panic attack cos 3.90 means I basically pay for every bralette I sell 😭😭 the lowest I wanted to go was 6.80 but Shopee is nice enough to bring you guys this sale! So pls go shop around!! 💪🏻


Nipple black is back!!!! 3.90 hah. Omg I'm so stressed trying to restock so you girls can save money with this sale 😭😭😭😂😂😂

I'm typing on the car and facing the ceiling so that I don't get carsick 😂😂

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their reunion dinner! 🙂

I'm trying my very best to do a restock but I'm not sure if it's confirmed! I will release it whenever I receive a confirmation from my supplier!

Also, if you've already purchased a certain piece and want to exchange it for another colour when the it comes back in stock, you will need to refund the current order before placing another one. This is because I can't change the order on my side. 😔

Also, due to the influx of orders, I will definitely make a mistake! 😕 Because I can promise you that I'll change the colour, but I don't trust my memory and packing 😂

Truth is, we don't have a good enough system to accommodate these changes yet. We're working on it, but now I manually write down these changes currently and then cross check these orders. 😱

I could do that previously cos there were still an ok amount of orders but now 😱😱😱 haha.

Really sorry! And I hope you guys understand! It's one order to you, but 100+ orders to me. Which tbh is super scary.

To get more stock, @boshifang is heading down to BKK on Sunday night to get some bralettes. We're paying for the air ticket, but he's putting in the effort! 💯💯

Thank you all the support! We really don't earn very much from this sale, so it'll be really great if you give us more time to handle these 💪🏻💪🏻 thank you!

We will begin to process these orders after the CNY holiday!

I've secured some stock for the crochet in red and white, but I'm not sure if I can slot it into the time sale.

I'll try my best to get it discounted but if not? It's $12 a piece 🙈

Remember this? I'm trying to find pics of the back and upload it on Shopee! 🙂

I haven't really worn this but I have seen this in real life and it's really quite nice!

To be safe, it's gonna fit up to a 75 band size cos I doubt it is as stretchy as the normal elastic ones!

I'm gonna sew on a clasp on my own for this I think 😂😂😂

For now, all the timed sale products are sold out 😦 I'll try to get them to change the product tomorrow! Hopefully it works!

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