My heroes are back!!!! Haha. Ok actually only @boshifang went to BKK but both of them spent the entire afternoon unpacking them bralettes


Sometimes (ok most of the time) I feel like boshi is more of my brother than my friend 😂

Which is why he's assigned to doing all the shitty things. 😂😂

We'll be doing one round of restocking tonight for the hot favourites like the ribbon lace, padded lattice, standard strappy! ✌🏻️✌🏻️

We upped the crochet bralette up on Shopee a few days back but I didn't really post about it cos I wanted to hold it in my hands first so I can let you guys know what the sizing and quality is like 💪🏻

This fits me band wise but the straps are too short so I have a permanent underboob situation.

It is actually padded (instead of lined) like what I initially thought. It's also a crossback design!

It will fit up to a 75B/C cup! The quality is actually pretty good and the crochet design is gorgeous. 😍

It looks exactly like this and I took this pic from Pinterest 😍😍😍

The ribbon lace is up!!

We'll be updating the stocks in denominations of 8 to ensure that more of you get to buy it! Also, cos 8 is HUAT HUAT la. 😂

Thank you to @tieponytail for mentioning #ourbraletteclub in her post and growing our little community! ❤️️💕


*whisper* the padded lattice is back also! Whispering cos there's really little left. 😂

We're having a company offsite (LOLOLOLOLOL) at BOP! The smell of thyme is super overwhelming when you walk through the door.

But so far, none of the flavours are super amazing YET HAHAHAHA. 🙈 I chose Pandan and Strawberry Basil tho!

Do not get the pandan flavour. NEVER. It had a super bitter after taste that was 😱😱😱😱😱 I didn't taste the bitterness in the tasting scoop but when eaten as a ball. Holy shit. Bitter.

The thyme cone was delightful tho! And the white chrysanthemum flavour boshi got was perfect!

Today, I officially followed my husband on Dayre 😂😂😂

@boshifang was bragging about how he has 3 followers without having to post anything when Husband Ng @thenniel said he doesn't have any followers

LOL I was like HOW CAN!! You will have at least one what, which is me.

Then I realized……..

I'm not following my husband HAHAHAHA So poor thing he has 0 followers 😂😂 Sorry Husband…my bad.

I have no time to draft up an EDM for the mailing list, but we will most probably be closing the Valentine Preorder tomorrow. If you haven't gotten your sets, please do!!!

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