This is me today! Except that I'm trying to place orders for new Bralette designs and arranging shipping methods 😂😂

I'm so sorry that we're almost out of all designs but don't worry k! We are restocking soon. I'll most probably update dayre with sneak peeks if new designs later tonight yay! 🎉

Anyway, quite a few of you asked about finances and getting married and I thought it'd be interesting to share about how Daniel and I overcame this problem in our relationship.

I think as Asians, money is like a taboo topic. 😂 We're too petty to let it go, but too timid to ask and clarify which is what gets us into a rut in the first place.

A lot of couples I know split the cost for everything up to the last cent. Others tend to let one party pay depending on occasion.

We had this problem also cos when you let either one of you pay depending on occasion and don't keep track, both parties will feel like they paid more and then being typical stingy asians one of us felt busy song. 😂

Ok to be honest, only I felt buay song. 😂

Why it's good to be clear, but not so clear

We used to function on this basis whereby whoever is more convenient pays first. Like for example. Husband Ng doesn't like to bring his wallet out when he was Boyfriend Ng. So I always paid for like meals and stuff.

This got to me a little la cos I kept feeling like walau dude can you pay or not. But also because he will pay for the bigger purchases, we always argue like who paid more. But in the end it's always dubious 😂

To prevent this, some couples like to split their meals to the last cent, but then it also gets annoying cos guys eat more rightt and if he orders a $23 bowl of upsized ramen but I only ate a $12 don, do we split 50% or whatever we ate? What about GST?

Wah I tell you. Counting every cent is quite bad for the relationship anyway. Cos I feel that it makes you seem very calculative and idk it feels very weird to me 😰

So I guess it's to give and take la. If your Bf eats more then ??? just let it be lor can't be next time if you get married you ask your Husband to buy his own bag of rice cos he eats more? Hahahahaha.

So yep! Work out something that you are comfortable with accepting and something your other half is willing to give!

The Common Fund

What Daniel and I do is that we contribute a certain amount of money into a pool we call the common fund.

But it's more complex than that la. Cos we also try to Budget and control our expenses at the same time!

So for example we identify the various categories that we spend money on as a couple. Like movies, food, transport and uh treating our parents to meals 😂 and decide a comfortable amount we would like to spend on each a month.

We use this app called better haves to come and track the money we put in each "account".

This way, if your bf eats more, you can ask him to contribute maybe 60% to the food fund!

Haha. This way you can spend within your means and not have to worry about who pays what! 🙂

Saving Independently & Together

In the wise words of my mother, you must always save money independently. Because who knows what will happen one day and you will need money to fend for yourself.


I didn't listen to her la. Cos I think maybe she stems from an era where women are more or less completely reliant on men and they need to squirrel away money in order to ensure that they are insured.

In our day and age, we have women's charter and protection so I think that saving independently is more for individual wants.

First, you save for each other's futures. You agree to contribute x amount every month to an account that belongs to both of you. This goes towards like marriage or like HDB!

The bank account can be a joint bank account under both your names that requires both your agreements to withdraw. Or can be under one of your names for more trust. Daniel and I don't have a joint account even today cos all the savings is with me 😂😂

But that's also cos he's a caveman. He only learnt how to transfer money recently 😂😂😂😂😂

He lost his dongle for years but never bothered to get it replaced 😰😰

Personal savings can be for like personal luxuries. For example if your bf likes drones and you like expensive bags, then you can just save personally la!

This is good so your other half can't nag nag nag when you buy things. As long as you already contribute to the together savings then it's ok! 👍🏻

Btw rmb the crochet crossback I wanted to alter!

Just realised I don't even need to alter it cos cos there's hooks where the straps link to the bralette!

Like this! Just unhook it 💪🏻

Then you just get this. LOL

And reattach!

And now I get to wear the crochet tooooo!!! 💪🏻

Plus this gives the damn bareback effect cos the straps are hidden. 😱😱


How gorgeous is this colour? 😍😍😍

Btw, we're definitely bringing these in so you girls can stop drooling! In fact, these are being packed as we speak and shipping over to SG soon!



Btw in case you were wondering, here's what the crossback looks like when uncrossed 💪🏻

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