Really many many hugs and kisses to all you girls who helped us clear all the extras from the Valentine's PO last night!!

We were really really quite worried cos this manufacturer requires us to at least order a minimum number of pieces per design, colour and size so it was quite a huge risk we took to bring this in with so many extra pieces.

But as usual, #ourbraletteclub has proven me wrong again and support has just been overwhelming. 😌😌

Last night after having our late night meal and reaching home at around 3am, I laid down in the dark and thought about what just transpired in the last 24 hours and I was really quite amazed.

We didn't stop working since 9am since the delivery of these sets and only stopped near 2am 😂😂 but somehow it was tiring yet fun and SO SO SO heartening that we received so much support.

So 💯💯💯 to all you girls out there! #ourbraletteclub might be my little business, but it is OUR brand. 💪🏻

❤️️ #ourbraletteclub would be nothing without you girls ❤️️

And I really love how this brand identity stems from its customers and not just from the company itself. It's something I really really value and will definitely place priority in for a long long time.

So, in order to make more girls happy and thus make myself happy…

We will be opening a back order for the Valentine Sets!! But besides the 4 that are available for backorder…we will also be opening up preorder for this new design……..

We'll probably open up the backorders on Shopee! ✌🏻️ and they should arrive in about 1-2 weeks!

This!! This actually caught my eye quite a while back but we didn't bring this in for Valentine's cos I wanted to focus on more soft and sexy designs.

This is personally my fav tho. The midi design adds a touch of strength and the boning are like 😱😱😱❤️️

We're getting ready to launch the back order! 🚀

There are new colours in this BO like the forget me not in grey and the hush hush in INDIGO 😍😍

Give me awhile to post up pictures!

I've decided to name this THE LADYBOSS 😂😂 because I like it.

It's only available in nude pink tho 😦 Heh I'm gonna wear this if I ever need to hustle. 💪🏻

The Forget Me Not in GREY!!


I don't need to see it in real life but I already love it. 😌😛

The HUSH HUSH in INDIGO is super unique and gorgeous!!! I super regret not bringing in this in but that's also cos the manufacturer didn't have this up then 😂😂

The unthinkable has happened….

I have a flu 😅😅 Which means we will probably sleep early tonight. But that will also be around 1am.

Will try to reply all the comments soon! 💪🏻

We went out for a late night delivery of parcels to @randomlyhappy because she lives near @chenshiqi best friend Chen and we wanted to visit her since she's sick.

And guess what, she bought us BAKED cheese tarts 😭😭😭😭😱😱😱 Thank you so much for being so nice to us guys.

The moment I say I have a flu, people start dropping me messages to tell me to rest more. 😭😭😭


So busy that I forgot to post about my #BOTD #braletteoftheday!

Can you tell which is this?

Hehehehe so pretty I can't even.

A lot of you have been asking for this piece but here's the reason why I haven't brought this in yet. Cos I want to manufacture it in more colours and make some minor changes to the details that I feel will make this more comfy.

Definitely will keep you girls updated!

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