MORNING! Starting your day off with a boobie pic.

#BOTD #braletteoftheday

I'm feeling all kinds of better already! Considering how I ate meds last night and it was probably an allergy instead of the flu! ✌🏻️ Thanks for all the kind words!!! 💪🏻💪🏻

Talking about competition

I'm going to talk about one of my biggest fears today. Which is the existence of competition and how I'm not sure what to do with it and how I am also not sure how I can convince my buyers that I'm unique and special. #brutallyhonest

You're not unique anymore

I think despite my best efforts to bring in things that are unique and special, it's really very difficult unless you are able to manufacture your own designs.

But even then, there will always be people who can remanufacture something similar.

That's the problem in this day and age right? If we have the ability to clone sheeps, nothing can be unique anymore. 😅

So what I try to do is to provide you girls with an experience that's completely different.

I think it's the same as making a friend. There's definitely good times (when I restock) and bad times (when I run out of stock or when I send the wrong orders) but the thing is that you girls are always here?

Even when the ribbon lace ribbon is misaligned or when the padded lattice strap has a bad sew job, somehow you girls just keep coming back. And every time you do, I remember and I am always thankful. 🙈

You girls have been soooo sweet regarding all the competition you spot on various platforms. 😂

Just this morning @livingatm and @xoxokisses let me know that there's another seller on Shopee that has the same Valentine's sets for sale!

But they also very cutely told me that they bought from me too. 😭😭 Why so nice!!

Sometimes I'll tell the girls to purchase from other girls who can't fit because honestly as long as the price is the same, and no one gets cheated, I don't mind.

But for this new seller…I can't say I don't mind even tho their prices are pretty similar.

I mean…IM ONLY HUMAN RIGHT HAHA OF COURSE I MIND. Some more there's a "sngsng" feeling when I see her shop even tho LOL everyone has the right to sell anything la! Not like I produce these bralettes…

Which brings me to the next point…

We are thinking of manufacturing our own bralettes

Of course we're gonna start small and this is a huge risk considering how small we are and how little money we have.

But I think that's the only way to put myself at peace and the only way to right things for you girls too.

The pieces we are intending to modify are the $8-12 range of bralettes which are usually mass produced. The quality is great for the price, but sometimes I feel that some things can be done better.

Which is why I want to make them better.

Of course, what I think really makes us so special is this little #OBC #ourbraletteclub community we have built here.

Some of the girls have even gotten my telegram so we chat like friends. And every message I get via Shopee that isn't even related to bralette purchases make me smile. 💪🏻 I guess the word I've been saying a lot these days is that I am thankful. Because I truly really am!!

Thank you for making this club such an inclusive and non-judging one!

Do my best 💪🏻

I think what my Chinese education has given me is really a lot of wise words from all the saints in the past!

Like 清者自清 reminds me that as long as you're honest and have nothing to hide, you don't have to be worried about what others like to say.

And even more applicable in this case is to be like the turtle in the rabbit and hare race. It doesn't matter what the people around you do, as long as you do your best!

And that's what we intend to do. To just keep doing our best. 💪🏻 So to help us do our best, let me know what we're doing right or what you would love to see improved.

I will definitely take all your feedback into consideration and make our little community even better! 💪🏻

Remember this bralette I posted about? The quality is superb and instead of cotton, it has a very silky almost swimming costume like material that's super duper cool and soft on your skin.

Guess what, stocks for this are coming in.

Tomorrow!!!!!!!! 😭💕😍😍😍

And this!!!!!!!! This is the shade of blush @chenshiqi has been waiting for.

Wait until neck also long already 😭 Ever since I got the sample, I've been wearing it every time it got out of the laundry.

My record was wearing this for almost 20 hours in BKK. No fuss, no pain. SUPER COMFY. I dare say more comfy than the standard midi 😱😱😱😱😱😱 #reallymeh

It's also available in this super gorgeous shade of camel/nude/grey idk what haha I only it's damn pretty.

🙃🙃 this time really is siaoliaosiaoliao. The Valentine's sets are damn pretty but I didn't keep one in every colour.

But this one. I definitely will. Cos I will wear it EVRRYDAYYHHHHHH

Before anyone tells me that this can be found on Taobao, I want to say that I know that this can be found on Taobao 😂 I just want to tell you all that this design is not unique la. But it's really damn comfy and since I found someone that can manufacture this at a lowered cost I might as well sell it too right? And also get it in more colours.

This will be going $12.80 haha weird number cos I REALLY COUNT EVERY CENT. 😂😂😂

I'll be launching this at 12 MIDNIGHT! So for now I'm gonna go pack orders and reply comments. See you guys at 12! 💪🏻💪🏻

I'll be putting up a batch of stocks at 12 and restock in phases tomorrow in case some of you need to work and can't stay up late!

So don't worry k!!! 💪🏻💪🏻 I'm here. HAHAHAHA. By the way, these are not paddded but lined la. Opaque!!

The ultimate comfy bra for sureeeeee. Some more unlike the $8 bras I sell which are damn good quality for the price already, these can last washes and you don't have to worry about them 起毛

Btw! #dayremummies can go check out @mrschow_yiiyin's post on mummies and bralettes and breastfeeding!

Btw, the name of the new bralette is called THE B00B HUGGER. 💕

It's B00B not BOOB cos Shopee will ban me if I say boob 😂😂😂😂😂


// HAHAHA this post has become even more relevant especially since a recent competitor just popped up and are on our platforms and even haven similar names to ours.

As a seller, I'm inwardly cursing and swearing and it's taking a whole lot of reassurance for me to be able to see past the competitors and focus on my own work.

But truth is, once I am focussed on doing the right things and the things that matter, they kind of just fade into the background. 💪💪

I know it makes me sound damn petty when I post this, but I rather post it because is what I'm feeling and I'm just trying to document this la. Next time maybe when I look back I can laugh at myself 😂

But it's really quite a different feeling starting your own business, brand and community and there will always be this sense of possessiveness. 😅

That said, thanks for sticking around guys. We've just confirmed out very first manufacturer design and will definitely share when samples are here


But also abit scared la. Cos we are mass producing them to cater to demand and also to lower the costs. So don't worry k!! They will always be here to support you. 😀😀

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