Good morning!!

This bitmoji reminds me of teletubbies 😂😂

We're doing a small restock of the padded lattice and t back designs. By small I really mean very small la like 2 pieces each only 😂😂😂

But don't worry k! We have a batch of padded bralettes coming in next week. 💪💪

#BOTD is the t back lace which is amazing omffgggggg.

How did I only realise this now. For the bigger girls, this is perfect! 😍 and as you can see, I'm the real standard for far apart boobs 😂😂😂

Some of the girls have been telling me the t back is slightly big for them so if you see any of them reselling please help them out and grab it!

Otherwise, feel free to return them ok!


What it looks like when worn 😍

Practicing my flatlay skills 😂😂😂

Something cropped up at home which is why I'm going to properly post about my thoughts on social media another day.

In other news, @livingatm posted about her 5 days wearing a bralette and I think it is the coolest idea ever!! 👍🏻 Especially since it's written in the perspective of a first time bralette wearer, I think it's really useful for all the girls who are considering starting a bralette lifestyle. 😃

I'm super inspired and I want to do a 5 day ootd with my bralettes too.😂

But I'm such a lazy person when it comes to fashion that I think it's better that I don't post my outfit. If not I will scare all of you with how repetitive my outfits are 😂

My boss used to comment that I wear the same clothes everyday just in different colours and patterns. Which is true. I just throw on a spag top which I have in like 7 different colours and patterns plus a pair of flared boho pants also in 7 different patterns. My #BOTD is definitely way more interesting.


I'm issuing all #OBC girls the 5 Days With #OBC challenge 🏅

This is of course inspired by @livingatm and she gets all the credit. 💪🏻

If you start the #5dayswithobc challenge and manage to complete it, we will give you a discount code for 8% off. 😉 Uh I don't know how I'm going to make this work but I'm going to bug the nice Shopee people until they generate a code for me 🙃🙃 We are forking out the 8% from our own pocket hor haha 😂

It's 8% cos I'm super superstitious now and want to be huathuat ✌🏻✌🏻 and also cos we cannot afford 10% 😂😂😂😂

And if Shopee doesn't give me the code, I'll just manually calculate and then return you all the money la. 😂😂 What to do right 😂😂😂

Please hashtag #5dayswithobc when you're posting so I can find all your posts!! ✌🏻 just nice 8% comes in handy with the restocks coming soon 😁

I should totally post a T&Cs about this like how it's only valid and applicable to one purchase haha. Ok!! I will work out the details tmr!! 😍 Sleep well everyone!! 🌚

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