Happy Valentine's Day guys!!!

Hope you guys are spending time with your loved ones today and that you have an amazing day ahead. ❤️

Are you girls wearing your #OBC bralettes? Cos I know I am hehe. In fact! I'm wearing my fav piece from the #OBCVALENTINE collection 😂😂

Wearing my hush hush choker as an accessory to my plain #OOTD

We're not even planning to go anywhere today, except stay at home to do some packing, but I put on a full-face of make up anyway. 😂😂😂😂

It's time to pamper myself!! Plus this @chenshiqi is coming over later and her makeup is always flawless. So I just join the party 🎉🎉

I am super in love with the panties from the Valentine's set omg. 😍😍😍

It's not too tight and the extra band is just the most sexy thing ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️


The Standard Halter and the Varsity Panties arrived today!! 🎉🎉🎉

I wanted to say something about the varisity panty. It looks like it's damn huge but it actually is super duper comfy like crazy.

It's meant to be mid waist so it's quite shiok! ❤️❤️

Our Valentine's day agenda is to pack parcels 😂

I wanted to post about Husband Ng and my origin story but I don't even have time to take a proper poop 😂 So I will probably update slowly HAHA. This origin story post is inspired by @angieishikawa HAHA. Who posted fetus pictures of her and her boyfie 😆😆

This is going to be so so so cringe worthy and painful to write, and looking at the pictures alone is making me want to delete all the posts and burn all the pictures HAHAHAHAHA but I guess here it goes.

9 Years Ago In A Super Traditional Secondary School…

We were clsssmates 😂😂

This picture is so horrifying to look at cos…HAHA. 😂😂😂

Daniel and I were clsssmates back in Sec 3 and he was my Vice Chairperson. I remember mentioning in my wedding scoop interview that he did not do much and I hardly remembered him 😂😂

Baby Daniel was quite a little flirt 😂😂 but he was very very mild la. He was only wild by the stsndsrds of a strict traditional Chinese school 😂😂😂

He always had this bad boy reputation cos he dated a Sec 1 girl and she was very high profile 😂😂 And I always heard rumours about him being warned by the discipline master for holding his gf's hand in school. 😂😂 WTF HAHAHA that was the most exciting thing in my school that time.

But ya. That was Daniel. I was damn boring. Like just a goody two shoes that was super studious HAHAHAHA. 😂 Boring….

Anyway, I think that's it for like our Sec 3 and 4 days. Hahaha. I only remember that he started dating a classmate of ours during Sec 3 and I was super surprised that the relationship lasted 3 years all the way till our graduation 😂😂

Also! I vaguely remember us going prom shopping together. Like went to Bugis street to check out cheap clothes 😂😂 really a trip down memory lane. Not sure why this Daniel just kept popping into my life randomly. 😱

Here's a pic of us at JC prom. I know I look like an Aunty. Please just forget this photo after I post it. This is the worst photo ever. What did I choose to wear. What's with my hair. What's with my face. What. What!! What??!!!!!


Fast forward to graduation 🎓🎓

I think despite ending up in different classes (I chose pure humanities and he chose sciences), we still remained oddly close cos he stayed really near me and we either went home together or my mum would give him a lift home.

We even went for math tuition together at some point of time, simply because it was close to both our houses. 😂 I think when people live near me I just auto become close with them. Like @boshifang 😂😂 Is if I very lazy to travel.

So post graduation from JC, my bestfriend and I wanted to go on a grad trip to Shanghai. Cos my dad works there and we had a driver at that time. I'm also not sure why, but @boshifang and @thenniel ended up tagging along and we went on a 13 day trip together 😅😅😅 What…?

This is us in Shanghai freezing our asses off.

MIRACULOUSLY. I was attracted to Daniel on the Shanghai trip because idk why he was SO DAMN CHIVALROUS. Like if we're walking on the pavement near a road, he'll insist I stand on the inside so it's further away from the cars and safer. 😍

And also he will always offer to hold all my stuff and give constructive input when I'm shopping. UNLIKE BOSHI WHO KEPT COMPLAINIG WHEN WE SHOPPED. 😐

PLS NOTE at this time, Daniel was still attached to his then girlfriend so NOTHING HAPPENED BETWEEN US.

I was just attracted to him, but it wasn't even in a romantic way. Just in a…OK this guy is nice kind of way.

We also realised that we're very similar….in physical size. Meaning if I bought a pair of pants and I could wear it, he could too. He also stole most of my military jackets to wear. And also my shoes. 😐😐😅

This is us in Shanghai. I'm wearing his shirt and we're wearing the same pants in the same design and size, just in different colours. I'm also wearing his scarf. Wtf.

We were like super close then la. Like brother and sister like that. And it was hilarious cos when you realise your best friend wears the same size as you, you got double the clothes to wear. Sad for him la. Cos mine all frilly frilly he can't really steal 😂😂

After the Shanghai trip, we were still really close and hung out a lot. In fact the 4 of us were DAMN close and spent quite a lot of time just sitting around and chilling and talking about nonsense.

Then he gotta enlist and get his ass into the army…and that's when things got even weirder HAHA.

The days of drunkenness ✌🏻️

As with all teenagers who are of legal drinking age, you party like crazy. At the peak of my life, I went out to drink/party about 3-4 times a week. 😂😂😂😂

I was also super duper duper broke at that time. It was also during this time that I applied for to study Law in few U.K. Universities and got accepted to Warwick and LSE.

Check it out guys, we looked hilarious. Daniel is wearing a vest with a t-shirt and I'm wearing neon colours. IS IT SCARED THE CLUB TOO DARK PEOPLE CAN'T SEE ME????! 😂😂😂

But yes this was when things started to get slightly weird and I think it was when I really truly started to like Daniel.

During this period of my life, I was actually quite confused cos I was considering going overseas to pursue my studies and staying cos I had started to develop this little crush on my best friend.

But I'm also glad that I stood firm when telling Daniel that I kind of liked him, but would never get together with him if he was still in a relationship with his girlfriend.

I think part of me still wonders if I was a third party in a relationship? And it bothered me for quite long. 😟

But ultimately, I still believe I did the right thing by telling him and insisting that we go no further unless he was no longer dating. And of course Daniel being the gentleman, made his decision la! 🙂

I think between my 18th and 19th birthday, I was drunk or hungover 75% of the time. 😂😂😂😂

But I do remember our first kiss in the backseat of a taxi and exactly how it felt like 💕💕

But it is a feeling that won't ever come back la…like the feeling of 暧昧, plus excitement and happiness. It's really a feeling of budding love and a fleeting feeling that cannot be replicated.

Of course being married makes me happier, but that stage of love is really very very very bittersweet. And I always think back upon it fondly. 💪🏻

His NS days…

I tell you, if you've dated a boy since he is in NS or if you are dating a boy in NS, I give you a pat on the back. I don't even know how the #militarywives #SAFwives do it, COS I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT 😂😂😂😂😂

Daniel had the shittiest of shit phones back in NS cos he and boshi made the shitty decision of buying a second hand blackberry from China to use in camp. It had no camera, but it also had nothing else. 😂

Daniel couldn't download any apps to use so we resorted to sending EMAILS to communicate to each other. At that time I was spending copious amount of time in Shanghai with my parents so imagine the firewall, plus shitty connection and NS.

I only received a max of 2 emails from him daily and they usually went "Hey bb, you don't know how happy I am to read your email. We had a night shoot today and I'm so sorry this is late. Sleep well I'm thinking of you"


And of course, he was super tired in the army la. So every time he book out, he will be super shag. There was once he fell asleep next to me while counting down to my birthday 😐😐😐 when midnight came, I woke him up and went "I go home already ah" and he said OK sleepily. SO I ENDED UP WALKING HOME FROM HIS HOUSE. THAT'S LIKE A 3-4KM WALK. 😂😂😂

Till this day I still harp about it and I will never let him live it down LOL. Of course he made it up to me la. And I eventually forgave him cos aiya NS also not easy for him. 😅😅

This was us on my 19th birthday!! Hahaha omg look at Daniel's sharp chin and my collarbones.

They both don't exist now 😂😂😂😂 btw, we were at a gay club for the first time and Daniel was hit on like 100 times. You also can't see in this photo, but he was wearing RED PANTS. 🔥

This is the day after he fell asleep on me and I walked home angrily HAHA.

Still can kiss and smile and take photo. Must be very forgiving this gf. 😂😂😂😂

We partied a lot. Like a lot a lot. And I think that as much as people like to make relationships built on alcohol and loud music sound very frivolous and unrealistic, I think we learnt a lot about each other through these drunken times.

During those days, he's caught my puke and I caught his. He knows what I'm like when I'm drunk and I know what he's like. I know he can handle himself even when guys or girls are hitting on him and he knows I can fend for myself too.

When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Like we made friends with bartenders that kind of a lot.

A lot.

A lot

Through Law School and No School

After the partying phase, I also started school at SMU and I hated it. I hated it so damn much that every night I'd be reading my readings till 5am in the morning and then heading to school at 8.

I whined to Daniel everyday and cried when I was assigned to add animations to PowerPoint slides because my groupmates thought I was more of a hindrance than a help. It was a really jialat time of my life because I felt like I was just stuck in a place I really hated.

Nothing against the school la, but I think the competitive environment just didn't suit me and it was just a mismatch in terms of character and teaching styles.

Daniel also suffered cos of how unhappy I was. I remember his bunk mate (who became my friend too) telling me how Daniel would tell him how helpless he was because he was stuck in camp and couldn't do anything to help me.

Ultimately, I decided to quit school and he supported me every step of the way.

Together with my brother, they took turns to convince my mother that it's ok to be schooless 😂 and that I'll be back on my feet soon.

I think we were really new into the relationship then, but Daniel actually MESSAGED my mother to persuade her to stop being angry with me. Haha.

She was incredibly pissed cos I kicked myself out of law school while she was overseas 😂😂😂 I don't know why my balls were so big then, but I don't think I regret it even now.

After that, I think we already 私定终生 already hehe. There were so many more milestones in our relationship, but I guess that's not an origin story anymore? And a story I can share another day!

Some stories include how he searched so hard for an overseas internship so he could follow me to Shanghai for exchange (before he even started uni). And how he slept on my floor on a mattress 😂 and had to squeeze with the rush hour crowd which is 10 times worse than the SG one.

And also, my proposal story which I shared on @braintango:141016 ✌🏻️

Actually, Husband Ng and I always joke that we were meant to be together even since we were young. We were born 6 days apart, both LOVED listening to Lemon Tree while we were young and somehow or rather, keep entering each other's lives despite not having many reasons to do so.

Daniel is a super ang moh kid, but when choosing secondary schools, his mum always says it was SUPER WEIRD that he chose Dunman High instead of ACSI.

I always joke that he was possessed and went to DHS cos he was fated to meet and then marry me 😂😂😂😂

Whatever it is, I am happy to be here with him and to be embarrassing him on social media. I'm sure he is reading this post and cringing about all the details I've revealed about his past 😅😅

But if you're here, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY HUSBAND NG. Sorry we didn't even get to spend Valentine's Day like a young newly married couple.

Even with the last few moments of quietness we had on Vday, I used to post this instead 😂😂😂

But know that I love you very very very much, and being able to wake up to you every morning is a blessing every single day. ❤️️🙈🙈

Please don't scold me for posting about your Sec 1 girlfriend and your 3 year long girlfriend. They all don't matter now, cos you're married. ✌🏻️I win in the end ✌🏻️

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