Hello!! It's 7pm and I'm having some mild motion sickness and feeling really sleepy. Must be cos I stayed up late to share my #chowdan #originstory last night 😂😂

We're still trying our best to mail out all your orders but we're a little short handed so will be delayed a little ok!! Sorry!!! 😥😥


My #OOTD with my #BOTD which is the standard halter bralette!

Hehe I super love this also. So soft, so comfy. And so pretty. 😍 I initially thought this bralette would be difficult to pair with my normal spaghetti tops but it looks very nice surprisingly!! 💕

I'm also secretly wearing the Varsity Panty and it's damn comfy. I am damn sure you girls will get a shock when you receive it cos it looks damn big. But when you put it on you'll be like 😍😍😍😍 cos wah comfy ttm.

Doubles up as safety shorts too!! 💪💪

PS check out my modelling pose. Is it I can to be underwear model liao???

Anyway! We're planning to make the Standard Halter a permanent design!

If you're a fan of the halter, let us know so at least we know there's a demand and we can bring it in in more colours 💕💕💕💕

Can also let me know what colour you guys like!

And if you're looking to see how the Valentine's set looks like worn on different body types, check out @angieishikawa @baobaosaur and @domtw's posts HEHEHE.

Different body types but still beautiful anyway. Also, since I'm on the topic of body types, I thought it'd be nice to talk about what it's like to be a bah bah girl.

I think @angieishikawa ever talked about what it's like to be super small, but here's what it's like to be puipui 😂😂😂

I wasn't born fat, I grew fat 😂😂

If you ask mummy chow, she'll tell you that all her children were born normal
sized and she doesn't know what happened after that but we all grew up to be rather big and tall.

Both my brothers are over 1.8 smth and I'm about 1.7 which is quite tall for a girl in Asian standards. 😂😂

Throughout my life, I've been tethering on the edge of being overweight, but luckily my height balanced things out a little. 😅😂

I was a little round ball as a kid and when you're young, the fatter the better.

All the babies with the Michelin rolls get squealed all over because they are so cute and chubby.

But as we grow up right, all the squeals and all the adoration become judgemental looks and exclamations of "how come your daughter never exercise" 😂😂 so sad.

I didn't actually feel the effects of being bigger than my peers until I was in Primary school. I think that's when people started to realise that uh I was growing too fast.

Mama chow was damn shocked that I maxed out the sizing carried by my school bookshop for uniforms by the time I was Primary 5 and had to bring me to the supplier of school uniforms to find a size big enough to fit me. 😂

I also had to change my shoes every 2 months because I grew so quickly. I think that was the beginning of me realising that being big is a bad thing cos it's so troublesome???

Wtf is with TAF club anyway

Back in Primary school, I was singled out to be in TAF club in one of the months because I was overweight. TAF CLUB IS LIKE HELL FOR FAT PEOPLE cos not only do they single you out and let the whole world know you're fat, you also can't go for recess and have to exercise in the parade square.

I remember there was a skipping competition back when I was Pri 2/3 for TAF club people and I actually won.

But I was too damn embarrassed to go up on stage to receive the prize in front of the entire school cos hello it's like telling everyone I'm overweight, so I hid in the toilet until assembly was over 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

I also remember one of the boys in my class writing in my autograph book (do you guys rmb those things!!! It was like the real Facebook wall) that he hoped I lost some weight in secondary school. Should have given him the middle finger there and then 😑😑😑😑

But ya being puipui in Primary school was brutal cos children are just brutally honest. And the teachers also didn't help la. Especially with their damn traditional mindsets.

Somehow to them big size = damn strong. So during the annual sports day selections they always go around choosing the tallest and fattest people to take par in short putt HAHAHA. AND GUESS WHAT. I ALWAYS GOT CHOSEN 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Even tho I suck at it 😂😂😂😂✌🏻️

I developed a sense of heightened self consciousness and sensitivity

I think it also didn't help that my family members were super traditional and like haha my mum is DAMN annoying about reminding me that I'm fat. She will literally go on and on and on about how I need to exercise or that I look like I put on weight. Really very jialat. Not very conducive for a growing teenage girl.

So in secondary school I started becoming very self conscious.

In sec one, when we needed to queue up to buy our uniforms I almost ended up in tears cos I didn't want the Aunty to openly exclaim my waist measurement and then announce to the world that there is no size for me in school so I have to go to the supplier to buy.

I also DREADED it when we had to take height and weight during PE cos the teacher would ALWAYS delegate the work to some boy in class that will read out your height and weight at the top of his lungs.

It got so bad that I think during a good few months in my Sec 1 and 2 days I refused to go for recess. HAHA. Cos I was like fml I'm damn pui I cannot eat.

Thinking back I'm really sad now cos school food was quite yummy and I missed out on all the opportunies to have yummy food 😂😂😂😂😂

It also didn't help that I was surrounded by teenage boys who would find any opportunity to make fun of you 😂😂

So I decided to just cover my size with oddity

For most of my secondary and JC life, I looked like this. Somehow as a huge fuck you to everyone that ever made fun of me for my size, I decided to model my hairstyle after willy wonka.

I reckoned that if I gave them something else to make fun of me of (like my hair) instead of my size, it gave me more control over my life.

I want to thank Fawn and Irene and heather for still being my friend even tho I looked like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

I guess by covering up my size with a weird hairstyle, I also developed a weird character to go along with it that eventually became the character I have today.

To fight back to the people who made fun of me, I became SUPER outspoken and never afraid to voice out my own opinions. If you ever said I was fat, I'd hunt you down and destroy you with my wit and my loud voice 😂😂😂😂😭😂

But that wasn't enough la. I was just using all these to hide the fact that I was actually super affected by all the things others would say about me.

Even when I lost weight after JC and during law school (when I was like the lightest point of my life), I still didn't feel like I wasn't fat. The fat feeling just continued to follow me around.

Ultimately, I felt like the only way I could get rid of this feeling is to really embrace the person that I am.

Accept your own beauty

I still have a long way to go in terms of accepting my own body, but I do think I have also come a long way from the days of hiding in the toilet and being forced for the verge of tears for being my size.

Nowadays when people make fun of me, I just brush it off and ignore them. Plus, I know I am beautiful in my own way and the only way I can set an example for the girls younger than me is to show that I believe in what I say. That everyone is beautiful in their own way.

It's easier said than done, but really, when you remind yourself that you have the ability to become the first step in a chain reaction where women learn to accept their own body, you realise that you're doing it not only for yourself but for the entire community at large.

That's also partially why I am so in love with the #OBC community here on Dayre. Cos no matter big boob small boob or weird boob, it's a beautiful boob and we remind each other so.

Like when one girl posts a photo of themselves in a bralette and go "why my boobs so small" or like "my boobs look like popping out", another girl will comment and let them know that they look beautiful.

And in that moment, 2 people realise and remember that beauty can come in many shapes and sizes. ❤️️

I still edit my photos sometimes so I look thinner than I really am in real life, but I guess that's also what it's like to be human.

Keep reminding each other

Hahaha I still feel fucking upset when I walk into a random shop in BKK just to check out the clothes and the shop keeper chases me out cos "for you no size".

But do me a favour and keep reminding each other that it's ok 👌🏻 sometimes I need the reminder and when I comment on a photo you girls post, I remind both you and I.

It's really super useful for a bah bah girl to read your comments about how I can also look nice in lingerie. 💪🏻

I might be slightly incoherent now cos I'm really tired, but bottom line is that. If you're round or square, bulgy or flat, bony or squishy, triangle or hexagonal, it doesn't really matter la.

Like my husband always tells me "fat also nevermind la, more to love you know?" ❤️️ there's always someone out there that will appreciate your beauty. So don't let the naysayers get you down.

I am very tired, but even with my last breath I will want to say…


And if someone dares to tell you otherwise, pls get them to email me at ourbraletteclub@gmail.com ✌🏻️ We can have a lengthy discussion on what it's like to be an asshole. ✌🏻️

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