GOOD MORNING!!!! 😍😍😍 This is me if I ever fulfil my dreams of selling bralettes at a pasar malam 😂😂

I always have this attraction to Pasar Malam because I feel that it's so real and exciting and not as sterile as shopping malls or shops. 😅😅 I also super love night markets in BKK so I think Pasar Malams have so much potential if only people would actually take the time to improve or if young vendors didn't hold a stigma against them 😅

Anyway! Moving on to more beautiful things, we're launching this new design today!!

It's called THE HERE FOR YOU and it is basically the most comfy and down to earth bralette you will see. I gave this to my mother and she actually WORE IT WTF. I was so super pleased.

This isn't the most sexy design, but I brought it in for comfort. And it's a bralette that promises to be here for you. 💪 Always. Like #OBC! #ourbraletteclub

Close ups! So these actually came in really limited quantity cos I really just wanted to test out the quality. And these are great.

I'm an 80C and they fit just right so I think they could fit up to an 85/90D. The support for these are also better cos the material is thicker and cotton instead of the satin like material you get with the B00B HUGGER. Both are super comfy but different. 😅

If you wanna get these for yourself or your mummies, you should!!

Here's how the back looks like! It will fit 70-85 comfortably I feel!

90 also can but abit snug hehe. Before you girls camp, I wanna let you know that we will be opening a backorder for this for mother's day and there will be a special packaging if you wanna give it as a gift to your mummy ❤️😍

Here's how it looks like when worn! This has more lift than the boobhugger but is less cooling la cos it is cotton and not the satin material. But very very flattering 😍

Turning time back to post the try ons for other colours! 😅

This photo is so in your face! 😅 But grey is currently my favourite colour for this it feels very loungey. 💕💕💕

The HERE FOR YOU will be launched at 1PM TODAY! 😍❤️

Don't worry k! We will open backorders for this for sure. Will let you all know what time! 🎆🎆

Woohoo! Shopee just gave us new vouchers for Feb!! Use Brain3Feb or Brain5Feb!

We're trying to our hands on more stocks for the HERE FOR YOU so the backorder will most likely be up around 12-1215AM!

No need to camp and no need to rush k! There should be enough for everyone!! ❤️❤️😅


The backorder is up!

Anyway if you received the emailer and clicked on the link, the link is wrong because I linked to he old product and now the product is under review by Shopee because I used the word BOOB in the description.

Seriously Shopee… why……………

MY BBs, the back order is now open for you guys too! ❤️

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