I've been very inspired lately, both by the Ladyboss set (omg I think I'm the only person that can be inspired by lingerie) and the amazing women that surround me everyday. 😍

Also, cos I read @hazeyyy 's post on the Dayre blogs she follows everyday and am actually motivated to write something of my own.

I think one other thing I really truly love about #OBC and #ourbraletteclub is that it really allows me to chat with so many girls.

I first get to know you #OBChicks (still trying to make this happen) through Dayre and then when you girls chat with me, it's like a whole different level of getting to know you girls again. 😂

It's super hilarious actually cos when Husband Ng and I talk about you guys specifically, we always always always always refer to you guys either by Dayre handle or Shopee username 😂

Right off my head now, there's @ivyyt who is onesunnyday and also poop lady COS HER DP ON SHOPEE WAS A 💩 EMOJI CUSHION.

@tshihhwee whom I always pronounce as SHIHH WEE when I speak to Husband Ng (I got username dyslexia I swear).

@peoneve who is also heyddyane on Shopee, Yp.lin who wants all her friends to come buy bralettes first for themselves then for their bfs, @celestials whom I'm bringing back tea leaves from BKK from.

@bxrries whom I met at an MRT station to pass her some stuff then proceeded to take a pic of her bralette for me cos #BOTD must share!!! And fuzzle31 @randomlyhappy WHO BOUGHT ME BAKED CHEESETARTS when i delivered her parcels. @joycelynnnnnn who wrote me a note before she went on exchange and @sxnoonlush and her BEAUTIFUL flatlays I'm obsessed with.


To the girls I've packed parcels for Valentine's, for wedding anniversaries. And for the girls who were leaving Sg for their studies and wanted a bralette to bring along.

I remember all of you! Even if I can't remember your name, or I can't remember your purchase, I remember you because we pack all your parcels and reply all your chats. So thanks for changing my life in one way or another. ❤️️ You've shown me what it's like to do good and receive good in return. 💕

Oops, as usual, I've digressed. But the point of this post is that I've made so many new friends that I want to name ALL OF YOU when I'm choosing the Ladybosses of my heart, and know that I do ok! 🙊 All of you are my girl crush Monday Tuesday Wednesday and everyday!

But then I think these girls really deserve some mention for all the hard work they've put in and all the obstacles they've managed to overcome in their lives.

1. The young owner of Guac & Go and the spark in my colourpop addiction

@charlottewangwang !!!!

Haha. I remember being so inspired by @charlottewangwang:170416 that I was sitting in my ex-office thinking and dreaming of opening a coffee truck and wanting to interview Charlotte 😂

I already had mad respect when I knew she runs G&G and that respect tripled when I realized how young she was!

Although there's a lot of good vibes and positive notions about running your own business now, I think sometimes these positive associations only apply to startups and sometimes when you tell your peers you wanna run your own traditional business (f&b, retail) you don't get as much support. 😂

Idk why tho but LOL it's equally hard I swear. #girlboss And f&b is literally the hardest (to me) because of all the risk and planning it requires. 😱

But besides running her biz, she still finds time to DRESS UP LIKE SHE'S A MODEL and her fashion sense is srsly impeccable. 😭😭😭

Then I compare her to myself……and I retreat into the corner of my room and resume being a mouldy potato 😂😂 When I'm packing, I'm ALWAYS in a super huge school t shirt and my home shorts. My hair is DAMN oily and my face oily and I just look like an Aunty LOL.

On the otherhand, Char looks like this. 😱😱😱💯💯💯

LOL. Mad. Respect. Nuff said. #girlcrush

She's also the one that got me hooked on #Colourpop @charlottewangwang:081016 and helped me discover the beauty in warm nudey shades. I always go for cool brick red lips and it looked shitty on me. And I never knew why 😂😂 until I tried out Echopark and it's still my most favourite lip colour today ❤️️❤️️❤️️

2. For showing me what real courage looks like


I think to me, being a Ladyboss doesn't always necessarily mean that you have to run a business la. Just need to run your own life well 💪🏻

I think like everyone else, I got to know Kelly when she first became EP and shared about her cancer story. Many people have this taboo towards cancer and refuse to talk about it. Not sure if it's cos they're afraid that once they say it, it's bad luck or if they're afraid to offend the patient.

But this girl here not only talks about #cancer but also documents her entire journey down with positivity. I really love her candid approach on battling cancer and how she documents her ups and downs.

But more so, I've come to know her as a friend and her strength really just shines through all the conversations we have. 💕

I got to know her personally because I reached out to her about wanting to gift her some bralettes. I've ALWAYS loved bralettes cos they are way more comfy than bras and the moment I read about how she had an infection previously, I really wanted to just gift them to her so her boobies could feel comfy.

Haha so I damn kanchiong went to wash the bralettes on CNY and then insisted on dropping them off personally so she can wear them 😂 @jellyluck 有没有thought I was a stalker then??? 😂😂

She blogged about how I stalkerly went to her house on @jellyluck:040217 HAHAHA.

But she's also very nice and gave me pineapple tarts which Husband Ng proceeded to gobble down in 2 days. 😱

But really, I'm inspired by Kelly to do better everyday in my life and to cherish the people around me. A lot of shit can happen, but to be able to face it with positivity is the real challenge and she motivates me to do better everyday.

You see. So much confidence despite everything that has happened 😭

Thank you for being you! 💕

3. My everyday heroine


Hehe I only knew Angie awhile back when #ourbraletteclub first started! 😂😂 We became friends cos she used to message me at 2-3am in the morning when I was lying on my pillow. The only free window of time in my day!!

She's my everyday heroine because she always goes out of her way to help me and #obc grow. She spearheaded the #bralettorials hashtag and documented all the steps needed to alter bralettes and GOES OUT OF HER WAY to help me reply to comments 😅

She doesn't get any money from me (we don't even have enough to pay anyone 😂😂) but always spends copious amounts of time trying to help us grow this little community ♥️

She also puts in an insane amount of effort into the work she does like swatches and bralette reviews.

But the most important thing is that I think Angie is really wise beyond her years. The way she reacts to situations which are obviously not in her favour or not fair to her really blows me away.

Even I might not have the kind of maturity or ability to deal with them that way.

I know she has been down recently, but Angie!! Just wanna let you know that #OBC is here for you and so am I

💪🏻 tough times don't last but tough people do! And you're tougher than you know. 😊

4. Resilliance, self assurance and honesty


HAHA I think everyone know Hilary thanks to the SQ girl saga that was blown out of proportion. Heck I came to know about Dayre because of this saga.

But the one thing I really appreciate is how Hilary took it in her stride and reacted in the best way possible which is not to feed the trolls. 💪

I think the easiest way out then would be to back away from the internet and erase your entire digital existence but she didn't!

But instead, she still embraces Dayre and shares all her experiences on it. Haha. And her family members are so supportive please!

If it's me I'll just stay far far away from social media already.

I think that's the difference between someone who is self assured enough to not be bothered by what others say.

Netizens can be quite mean sometimes so kudos to her for being so strong. Hehe secretly my role model 😂

Anyway, abrupt end to this post cos we're testing out our FB page and chat! Mainly the facebook chat function. 😂😂 Can you girls come and try chatting with me there? The telegram bot kinda crashed….😅😅😅

Come chat with us on FB messenger!!!

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